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Wonderful You!!!

It’s been a few weeks since I started working with the kids. And I’ve managed to find my rhythm. Some days are better than others, but really isn’t that the way that all things are. It’s been my intention, for a while now, to write a bit of thanks to my blogging friends. Your support and encouragement has helped me tremendously. I am really at a loss to express how truly grateful I am.

It’s been a little over a year since I started blogging, which made me feel a bit nostalgic and reflective. To be honest when I started to blog I was not sure what to write or if anyone would read what I wrote, I then thought worst case scenario I just end up talking to myself. And then I started commenting, and the bloggers would reply and some even visited my little blog. Thus, I began to really enjoy this interaction.

From there I just wrote what ever I was thinking about at the moment that I thought would be nice to share. I found that some people shared my interests and we had some wonderful conversations. It has become such a wonderful environment, because you are all such fantastic friends. Because you all have been so great, I felt the freedom to think creatively as well as share new things that I was trying. I am not sure if I am blogging because I am taking a different path in life or if blogging has led to my different choices. Regardless of the correlation or if the two are mutually exclusive,  one this is certain, I am happy for both and appreciative of your friendship. So in my long and unintentionally rambling sort of way I wanted to say thank you. You, my friends, are unequivocally the best part of blogging.



Whilst waiting for a break in the rain…

Photo taken with pinhole setting

Today it finally rained. The sky seemed to have been toying with us, promising rain since this weekend, but not squeezing out a drop. Just when I thought it was all a big tease I awoke to rain. I was excited to see the rain, but a bit irked that I had to drive to work in it. Ah well, sometimes the weather is like that.

I left early, just to make sure I would make it there on time. While weather was taunting me, traffic was not. I arrived early. I decided to wait a bit in my car before trekking my way through puddles to get to my classroom. Listening to the radio I looked up and out the window of my car. Right in front there was this really pretty flower playing in the rain. Peering out from my  windshield I thought how pretty it all looked through the drops of rain. So I took out my camera and took a few pictures.

For some reason the fish eye feature made me think of a snowglobe with these pictures. Does it make you think of anything in particular.

This makes me think of an evergreen, but it also makes me a bit dizzy.

Anyone know what type of tree this is?