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Lazy Friday Evening…

It feels like this Friday has dragged on for three days. I suppose some days just feel like it. It is likely that I feel this way because my kiddies were extra excited today. Keeping up excited wee ones can be oh so draining, fun but draining. After my kiddy time I went to run some errands; one of which was finding something quick and easy for dinner. I opted for one of those Bertolli Tomato Florentine and Tortellini with Chicken Soup, which turned out to be pretty yummy. I threw in bits of garlic loaf that I picked up from the market yesterday. I am pretty lucky because my Fresh and Easy bakes Il Fornaio bread on the premises. If you are ever in LA, I love their location in Santa Monica. You can sit on their veranda and watch the beach while you’re having lunch. Then pop out to the Promenade for a bit of shopping and sight seeing.

After my warm and hardy supper I popped on my computer and now I am here. While I was running errands I decided to take some pictures. I was also playing with the photos, wasting time with that.

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After my slideshow playtime I couldn’t stop thinking about Il Forniao. While writing this post I got a little distracted and started looking at their videos.

But I kept thinking about food. And now I am thinking about this. Although the bacon isn’t too healthy, but this seems like a nice dish to make. I just wonder if I can get that brand of pasta.

So I’ve rambled for a bit, I am fully aware that this post is aimless, directionless and totally random. I think that’s what happens when you are tired and opt for the computer over rest. But now I am thinking of how soft my pillows are, and will inevitably relent to their siren song. I hope you all have a lovely night.