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Lazy Friday Evening…


It feels like this Friday has dragged on for three days. I suppose some days just feel like it. It is likely that I feel this way because my kiddies were extra excited today. Keeping up excited wee ones can be oh so draining, fun but draining. After my kiddy time I went to run some errands; one of which was finding something quick and easy for dinner. I opted for one of those Bertolli Tomato Florentine and Tortellini with Chicken Soup, which turned out to be pretty yummy. I threw in bits of garlic loaf that I picked up from the market yesterday. I am pretty lucky because my Fresh and Easy bakes Il Fornaio bread on the premises. If you are ever in LA, I love their location in Santa Monica. You can sit on their veranda and watch the beach while you’re having lunch. Then pop out to the Promenade for a bit of shopping and sight seeing.

After my warm and hardy supper I popped on my computer and now I am here. While I was running errands I decided to take some pictures. I was also playing with the photos, wasting time with that.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After my slideshow playtime I couldn’t stop thinking about Il Forniao. While writing this post I got a little distracted and started looking at their videos.

But I kept thinking about food. And now I am thinking about this. Although the bacon isn’t too healthy, but this seems like a nice dish to make. I just wonder if I can get that brand of pasta.

So I’ve rambled for a bit, I am fully aware that this post is aimless, directionless and totally random. I think that’s what happens when you are tired and opt for the computer over rest. But now I am thinking of how soft my pillows are, and will inevitably relent to their siren song. I hope you all have a lovely night.

8 thoughts on “Lazy Friday Evening…

  1. Oh man… I MUST have pasta this weekend! It used to be such a staple but I haven’t had it in almost two months!!

    And your soft pillows sound divine! Rest up and have a great weekend, D. 😀

    • Liz I’ve been eating way too much pasta and other naughty foods this week. Yikes, I’ve got to curb that. But the call of the pasta is way too strong, and my desire to treat myself right way too strong.

      The soft pillow was so divine. I am trying to relax, but I’ve got to do my lesson plans for Wednesday. Monday is another holiday, yay!!!

  2. All the food talk is making me hungry! I love the pictures you took!

    • I make myself hungry all the time. It’s really terrible isn’t it. In fact I am thinking about what I am going to cook tonight right now. It’s going to be a bit healthier since last week I was really undisciplined.

      Thanks so much for the compliment. I’m determined to keep practicing so I can take better pictures.

  3. Your photographs are incredible, what an eye you have.
    I can’t believe I’m going to be in LA LA land in three weeks!

  4. Those are stunning photos!

    And yes, I could watch food videos and shows for hours. If only I were as skilled as these chefs and cooks! Those pastas looked delicious.

    • Thanks so much Dienna.

      I think pasta is much easier to cook than let’s say a brioche. I am going to give it a go. I hope you do too. I bet it will come out great for both of us. Heck it’s pasta, even if it comes out differently, you have a new dish. Even better right?

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