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Contemplating Cupcakes…

Muuwaaahahaha!!!! I’m back again. I pose to you this question, is there such a thing as a contemplative cupcake? If not, there should be, at least a mode of cupcake contemplation. Youtube suggested Red Velvet Cupcakes, and now that suggestion is seducing me, at this very moment.

Behold the Red Velvet Cupcake recipe

And it’s Frosting

On a more sensitive subject, one of chauvinism. I think it’s unnecessary for people to think of cupcakes as being something reserved solely for women. It’s a small cake, there isn’t any need for sexist remarks. In no way should the proud cupcake emasculating.  Stand tall my sweet and tasty friend, stand tall.



My dear Friends, what a week last week was. I was both busy and under the weather. But I am on the mend and looking forward to taking some time off and then going on to another project soon. I have got a few things I wanted to blog about, but I thought I would break it down a little bit. This post is, as the title infers, going to be about croquettes, you know those fried little tasty things. So here goes…

Lately…I’ve been thinking about croquettes. I try to stay away from as much fried foods as possible in an attempt to be healthy. My attempts at eating healthy tend to fail as many a time I just didn’t allow my self the forethought to plan out my meals and end up with something quick and easy. A predicament that I do not enjoy. I think I’ve been curious about croquettes because I’ve been watching a bit of Japanese programming and those little fried patties turn up a lot. Now initially I wanted to make the Japanese version.

I thought I might even put them in a bread. Funny how the Japanese call bread pan, that’s spanish for bread. Ok, maybe not funny haha, but interesting? OK maybe just interesting to me…

On Friday I took the plunge and gave it a go. Unfortunately I didn’t have beef or pork, and felt it both too late and myself too lazy to go and get it, much less grind it. I did a bit of a search and I found that the world of croquettes was a very open and varied one. I settled on Alton Brown’s recipe for Tuna croquettes (click for recipe and video :D). It was relatively easy and quick. I didn’t have green onions, which is odd because I normally do, so I just minced a couple of tablespoons of regular onion. I also didn’t have Dijon, so I used regular. And just for crunch I put in some celery. Also, I didn’t have parchment paper, but I just put them on a bounty towel, but I am sure any sort of water absorbing paper will be good.  They were tasty. I had never had such a dish before. It was a shallow fry, and I did it in grape seed oil, so I’m hoping the cooking process was a lot less unhealthy, or at least a little. The croquettes themselves were actually not very greasy. And may go very well with your favorite sauce, such as a tartar sauce. I think it’s one of those dishes that I will make when I don’t know what to cook and am in the mood for fish.

Just so you know, my instinct is not to cook canned tuna (yup I used a can rather than the pouch). But my friend had told me that she used to cook it up with rice and onions, at first I was put off, thinking canned tuna was just for tuna salads. But after I thought about it, I figured it was worth a try. I had cooked it with some pasta and it was relatively tasty, and good protein if you are in a bind.

On a side note, if you are ever in the Los Angeles area and want to try a Cuban version go to Porto’s. They’ve got this potato ball thing that is pretty tasty. It reminds a bit of Venezuelan seasonings, so that was nice and familiar. They also sell ham croquettes, which I haven’t tried. I will say that their pastries are good too. I am not as big a fan of their deserts, but their breads and other baked items are quite good.

I hope you guys are doing well. I also hope I get enough time and energy to post again soon.