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Contemplating Cupcakes…


Muuwaaahahaha!!!! I’m back again. I pose to you this question, is there such a thing as a contemplative cupcake? If not, there should be, at least a mode of cupcake contemplation. Youtube suggested Red Velvet Cupcakes, and now that suggestion is seducing me, at this very moment.

Behold the Red Velvet Cupcake recipe

And it’s Frosting

On a more sensitive subject, one of chauvinism. I think it’s unnecessary for people to think of cupcakes as being something reserved solely for women. It’s a small cake, there isn’t any need for sexist remarks. In no way should the proud cupcake emasculating.  Stand tall my sweet and tasty friend, stand tall.

18 thoughts on “Contemplating Cupcakes…

  1. I’ve seen a few Foodwishes videos and usually like them, but that comment about not liking cupcakes because he’s a guy came out of left field.

    • I know, I think he’s one of those guys who thinks he’s funny or being cute, but it’s really not. You know he comes off as a jerk sometimes, in my opinion, because the things he says can sound very derogatory. Not only that, he has actually made comments to the effect that people who don’t laugh should get a sense of humor and/or not watch. I hadn’t really cared about his lame jokes till he went in that direction, then I unsubscribed when he started that campaign. Which is funny since I know he was jockeying to be on TV, but saying potentially offensive things and continuing the offense by defending them isn’t going to win you brownie points with the Food Network. I actually can take a joke (95% of the time I really don’t care), and usually I just take it as him being corny/lame, but for some reason I chose to allow myself to be irritated about the cupcake statement. I mean they are cupcakes, there’s no need to make it a man woman issue.

  2. There’s an awesome new cupcake place near work and I see just as many men standing in line as women for them. No one should be ashamed to eat delicious dessert.

    • See, cupcakes are loved by everyone. I think you’re right no one should feel ashamed to eat something that is totally yummy. I feel no shame in my friend the cupcake.

  3. When you make some, feel free to send them to me! 🙂

  4. Oh gosh, i love cupcakes, especially red velvet ones. Have you ever heard from Crumbs? The. Best. Red Velvet Cupcake. Ever! Also, have you seen the new cupcake ATMs that are going to be hitting the streets soon? You can get a fresh baked cupcake anytime. How genius is that?!

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