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Things that make my heart smile…


Rain Wind…

A visual of possible rain wind...

Today, as promised by the weather crowd, it rained. It rained so very hard, that it soaked my porch, but cement being resilient, it was dry after the rain let up. In addition to the rain there were howling winds at time, blustery rain-soaked day indeed. But as I’ve mentioned before, I kind of enjoy these days. They are cozy days to stay indoors and have a bowl of soup or bake something warm and comforting. I have some cookie dough I made last night, so perhaps a small batch with some mild cocoa is in order.

There is a mood about these sorts of days too. It is dark and mysterious, there can also be a bit of drama to it. One’s imagination can roam freely as the classic opening phrasing comes to mind, “it was a dark and stormy night.” Immediately I think something intriguing may occur. Writer Edward Bulwer-Lytton had no idea what he was started when he penned the phrase. But of course it came to me through Snoopy, and he’s what I think of first when I hear it.

But on to the invention of the phrase “Rain Wind”. It was a rainy gloomy day just like this last month. The sessions of rain came down sporadically interjected with spontaneous claps of thunder. A couple of my students needed to use the restroom, since my kids were elementary school age it was customary to accompany them. One of the students was young boy, a sweet little child with a boundless imagination. He came back out and we waited for the other child. He then climbed up an incline. A gust of wind blew his black hair, his eyes closed beneath his glasses. I watched as he proclaimed, “This is, this is what is called Rain Wind.” His tone was gentle but the words were spoken in a knowing manner. I understood exactly what he was saying, there was magic in the context of his statement.

Maybe it was the setting, perhaps it was his delivery, or maybe it was the stigma that it can be challenging for you to connect/communicate with him sometimes. Whatever the reason, it was as if sharing this thought with me held great significance, depth and power. There was a great value to that moment, even if it seemed small. Funny how the things that seems small can make a great impact.



This week the season was supposed to change from Winter to Spring. I don’t know if that really happened. It rained a bit last weekend, and it’s been a mixed bag since then. Hot on some days and chilly on others. I think Southern California is confused, actually it’s been confusing all this year. Some days it was close to ninety others it was cold as all get out, and sporadically it rained. Normally it doesn’t rain here too often and it happens more in the wintertime than anything else. And tomorrow it is most likely going to rain again. I say all this in order to bring up the fact that I am confused, is it really spring?

I popped an allergy pill yesterday, so maybe it is. So just in case I’d like to be prepared. I have been thinking of pretty coral and pastel color.  I’ve also been in need of a bit of a pick-me-up, I’ve been feeling in a bit of a doldrum lately. It’s an unnatural state of being for me, so I scurried along to the Madewell site and began some retail browsing therapy.

How cute are these French made Benisimon. They sold out of the coral shade I had a crush on though.


I just love this semi-nude sort of skimmer.


Or a pop of yellow? It's a nice change for a pop of color.


There are other toys upon which I feasted my eyes, but I think it may get a bit boring for you. I wonder what everyone else does in order for a pick-me-up, for that matter to herald in Spring…


The Little Things…

Maybe it’s because I spent so much time with kids or maybe it’s the idea of the seasons changing, but I’ve been having moments of reflections lately. Or maybe it’s all the little events that have made me feel a bit reflective. On such even goes back to when I took a small journey to buy a bulb for my headlight which I eventually managed to change it all by my weesome. Which in turn reminded me that last year I changed the windshield wipers. This made me think of how when under the hood I can tell you where some of my fluids go, how to change the battery, as well as a few other tidbits. All of these lessons were hard-earned, and each have changed the way I think about myself. This makes me quite happy.

This may not seem like a big deal to most, but for me these small triumphs show me how much I have grown as a person. The ugly truth is that as a little kid in elementary school I had this preconceived, and utterly inaccurate, idea of girl things. You know, the things girls do and the things that boys do. It was one of those erroneous notions that I had to work on, and for the most part a great many have banished, but I still find rears it’s ugly little bias from time-to-time in the most unexpected and inconvenient times. And when it does make an appearance it always surprises me, I then in turn make a conscientious effort to correct.

One such bias is automotive maintenance, I had never thought of it as something I should involve myself in. The firsts were always the hardest, going to a mechanic by myself for the first time was intimidating for a young woman. Going to get your car smogged, also kind of intimidating. But as you do it, you get used to it. You remember to bring a coffee and a book. The next step for me were small repairs which can be done at home. At first I had a knowledgeable person give me a hand. But I have learned to peer under the hood and use the owner’s manual as well as look it up online before hand. I’m still learning, but I feel a sense of accomplishment as well as lessening that feeling of helplessness when something needs fixing. I know I still have a long way to go, but I figure that I as long as I make that journey I will get there.

I thought to write this post weeks ago. Then began writing it last week, but was apprehensive to post it. I wondered if it was something I wanted to place in the public arena. It can come across as insignificant. But to me it’s also a personal thing,and perhaps has no place in public. But then I thought, why not. It’s just my pensive thoughts of how I, as an individual, have changed. I wonder if anyone else thinks back and sees how much they’ve changed.


Kitchen Missteps…

I have been trying to get back on track with blogging, and while the intention is there, the follow through has been lagging. It’s not that I don’t have a few posts which dance about in my head, it’s just that I haven’t written them yet. So I am going to try to get to them one at a time.

Sunday night I tried to make fajitas, and while the initial attempt was not bad, the blurry pictures were. And so I have only photographic evidence of said fajitas, sorry Andy. It was a lazy meal too. I just got a roasted chicken and cut up the chicken breast. Grilled an onion (sliced), sauteed mushrooms, and “cooked” some frozen sliced bell peppers. Warmed my tortilla and I was good to go. My seasons were completely off base, I just threw on some garlic powder and Laury’s Salt. I think I would have gone with fresh bell peppers or cooked them in smaller batches because it all just yielded too much water. I would also mess with the seasonings a bit more, throw in some lime or lemon. Ah, notes on a meal.

I am on the hunt for new and healthy ways of cooking. My thinking is that it is better to find a healthy balance for diet as soon as you can. Healthy lifestyle, healthy life, or something along those lines. My next thought would be that it would be good to create some loose guidelines for myself, so I can stay in check. So far I have the following:

  1. Incorporate more vegetables into diet, strive for at least one serving.
  2. Try to maintain the natural integrity of your veggies as much as you can. If there comes a point where I can no longer recognize what that vegetable was in another life, I’ve gone a step too far. In the meat world we call it the McRib. What’s funny is that if you pay really close attention the description is, “rib shaped meat patty.” That still doesn’t tell me what it once was, I mean was it squeezel?
  3. Cook as little as possible. Raw foods are really good for you because that’s the food’s natural state. I have heard, that cooking veggies can change the vitamins in the vegetable sometimes destroying it (as is the case for vitamin C).

I’ve been doing some research, there is so much on the internet that can be helpful and other things that can be scary. I think I need to cut down on baking, grilling, broiling and frying. Apparently those are all not good for you. I think all that’s left are salads (which I love) and soups (which I also love). I think sauteing is still permissible. I think I had better stop researching, there will be nothing left to eat.


Parting is such sweet sorrow…

Honestly my friends, this was quite unexpected. Working with that program was difficult but still, in it’s own way, enjoyable. My kids were a handful, which was to be expected given their young ages (it ran from five to ten) and there were some quibbles I have with the company. But when my kids were behaving it could be such a joy. I think that’s how teachers and parents make it through, those little moments where the kids were just little angels. Those small times when one sees that glimmer in their eye when they understand what you are telling them and respond in kind.

Now that the program has finally come to an end I find it bittersweet. Initially I was thinking if I could just make it through the month, but at the end, I felt sad to part with them. I did not anticipate a feeling of loss, and yet there it was. But I am happy for the time we spent together and hope for the best for their future. I came away with a new experience and explored my own creativity with presenting the information. Proving to me again that there is value in everything we do.

One of my kids wrote me a letter towards the end of the program, and I’ve kept it as a memento. She was always such a doll. True there are a couple of spelling mistakes and the punctuation has an alternative quality, but the sentiment is spoken loudly and clearly. It made me smile and when I recall the days I spent with them, this feeling of warmth and love will gloss over the times I felt frustrated. Those sort of unpleasant moments will melt away, leaving only a feeling of nostalgia.

Though she may not read this, but I hope that dear Natalie knows her feelings are appreciated, that she is beautiful and a wonderful student. I will remember her and the adorable little hug she gave me at the end of the class.

I hope your days have been going well my friends.