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Parting is such sweet sorrow…


Honestly my friends, this was quite unexpected. Working with that program was difficult but still, in it’s own way, enjoyable. My kids were a handful, which was to be expected given their young ages (it ran from five to ten) and there were some quibbles I have with the company. But when my kids were behaving it could be such a joy. I think that’s how teachers and parents make it through, those little moments where the kids were just little angels. Those small times when one sees that glimmer in their eye when they understand what you are telling them and respond in kind.

Now that the program has finally come to an end I find it bittersweet. Initially I was thinking if I could just make it through the month, but at the end, I felt sad to part with them. I did not anticipate a feeling of loss, and yet there it was. But I am happy for the time we spent together and hope for the best for their future. I came away with a new experience and explored my own creativity with presenting the information. Proving to me again that there is value in everything we do.

One of my kids wrote me a letter towards the end of the program, and I’ve kept it as a memento. She was always such a doll. True there are a couple of spelling mistakes and the punctuation has an alternative quality, but the sentiment is spoken loudly and clearly. It made me smile and when I recall the days I spent with them, this feeling of warmth and love will gloss over the times I felt frustrated. Those sort of unpleasant moments will melt away, leaving only a feeling of nostalgia.

Though she may not read this, but I hope that dear Natalie knows her feelings are appreciated, that she is beautiful and a wonderful student. I will remember her and the adorable little hug she gave me at the end of the class.

I hope your days have been going well my friends.

8 thoughts on “Parting is such sweet sorrow…

  1. Ohmygosh, that is TOOO CUTE! I adore that picture of “you” and “her” so much!

    Kids can be such brats but ultimately so precious individually. 🙂

    • I know isn’t it? She was such an adorable little kid, but there were times that she was like this tiny little woman. It was so funny, she had these moments where she gave me grown up expressions, and I would think you’re only seven. A few of them were like that. It’s really weird.

      I think some kids have bratty behavior, but if you let them know it’s not going to fly they usually fix themselves. Sometimes I don’t have the heart to be a big meanie though.

  2. How pure…..you are right in treasuring a note such as this, as it truly came from the heart – no strongs attached. By the way, Danny, I never did ask you or find out what this project was exactly? But I can fully understand the feeling of loss….as a parent, I can tell you that having a child can be rather challenging at times, but the rewards…ahhhhh……priceless. You have a big heart, my friend and I’m sure it came through loud and clear! Enjoy your memories!

    • Well it was a teaching program for kids who need extra help. So a lot of the students had different issues which have to be dealt with. Honestly I wish I had more control over the development of the program itself, because there would be drastic changes I would make. But this has given me more insight into what can be done for our educational system, and community as a whole. It was really enlightening.

  3. That picture is quite clearly the best picture ever.

    Some things in life are just the best. Pretty awesome you got to do something like this.

    “the punctuation has an alternative quality” – it didn’t stop Jack Kerouac.

    • I know, I want to frame it and keep if forever.

      It had it’s challenges, but it had it’s awesome moments.

      You’re right, also “A Tale of Two Cities” had an opening sentence that was an entire paragraph.

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