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Kitchen Missteps…


I have been trying to get back on track with blogging, and while the intention is there, the follow through has been lagging. It’s not that I don’t have a few posts which dance about in my head, it’s just that I haven’t written them yet. So I am going to try to get to them one at a time.

Sunday night I tried to make fajitas, and while the initial attempt was not bad, the blurry pictures were. And so I have only photographic evidence of said fajitas, sorry Andy. It was a lazy meal too. I just got a roasted chicken and cut up the chicken breast. Grilled an onion (sliced), sauteed mushrooms, and “cooked” some frozen sliced bell peppers. Warmed my tortilla and I was good to go. My seasons were completely off base, I just threw on some garlic powder and Laury’s Salt. I think I would have gone with fresh bell peppers or cooked them in smaller batches because it all just yielded too much water. I would also mess with the seasonings a bit more, throw in some lime or lemon. Ah, notes on a meal.

I am on the hunt for new and healthy ways of cooking. My thinking is that it is better to find a healthy balance for diet as soon as you can. Healthy lifestyle, healthy life, or something along those lines. My next thought would be that it would be good to create some loose guidelines for myself, so I can stay in check. So far I have the following:

  1. Incorporate more vegetables into diet, strive for at least one serving.
  2. Try to maintain the natural integrity of your veggies as much as you can. If there comes a point where I can no longer recognize what that vegetable was in another life, I’ve gone a step too far. In the meat world we call it the McRib. What’s funny is that if you pay really close attention the description is, “rib shaped meat patty.” That still doesn’t tell me what it once was, I mean was it squeezel?
  3. Cook as little as possible. Raw foods are really good for you because that’s the food’s natural state. I have heard, that cooking veggies can change the vitamins in the vegetable sometimes destroying it (as is the case for vitamin C).

I’ve been doing some research, there is so much on the internet that can be helpful and other things that can be scary. I think I need to cut down on baking, grilling, broiling and frying. Apparently those are all not good for you. I think all that’s left are salads (which I love) and soups (which I also love). I think sauteing is still permissible. I think I had better stop researching, there will be nothing left to eat.

8 thoughts on “Kitchen Missteps…

  1. It’s alright about the photographic evidence, I’m just happy you enjoyed your evening πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. I’m like you, I try to cook more healthily. But it’s true that if you listen to everything said and written, it will eventually no longer eat anything at all! Anyway I loved your article πŸ™‚

    • I had to unspam you. I am not sure why it went there, sorry about the delayed response.

      I think you’re right, it seems like everything can kill you or do you some sort of harm. I am trying to eat healthier, but I think my best bet is to just have a balanced diet. Everything in moderation.

  3. If I have to live on raw vegetables, I’d die within a month. 😑

    I don’t think you lose crucial amounts of nutrients by cooking. Just don’t overcook and mix it up with the raw veggies so you get the best of both worlds!

    Blogging’s kind of a chore lately. We’ll get back on as we find the time!

    • Oh wow, check out that emoticon. I would have a problem with solely raw veggies, but I like mine a with a little crunch. Soggy veggies make me sad.
      I think it probably depends on what the nutrients are, like vitamin C just dies when it’s cooked. So you need to get it through citruses I guess. It made me dizzy just researching some of the things we’re supposed to eat and how we’re supposed to eat them. I think all things in moderation.
      Yeah, I want to blog, but I guess all the personal stuff got in the way.

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