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Maybe it’s because I spent so much time with kids or maybe it’s the idea of the seasons changing, but I’ve been having moments of reflections lately. Or maybe it’s all the little events that have made me feel a bit reflective. On such even goes back to when I took a small journey to buy a bulb for my headlight which I eventually managed to change it all by my weesome. Which in turn reminded me that last year I changed the windshield wipers. This made me think of how when under the hood I can tell you where some of my fluids go, how to change the battery, as well as a few other tidbits. All of these lessons were hard-earned, and each have changed the way I think about myself. This makes me quite happy.

This may not seem like a big deal to most, but for me these small triumphs show me how much I have grown as a person. The ugly truth is that as a little kid in elementary school I had this preconceived, and utterly inaccurate, idea of girl things. You know, the things girls do and the things that boys do. It was one of those erroneous notions that I had to work on, and for the most part a great many have banished, but I still find rears it’s ugly little bias from time-to-time in the most unexpected and inconvenient times. And when it does make an appearance it always surprises me, I then in turn make a conscientious effort to correct.

One such bias is automotive maintenance, I had never thought of it as something I should involve myself in. The firsts were always the hardest, going to a mechanic by myself for the first time was intimidating for a young woman. Going to get your car smogged, also kind of intimidating. But as you do it, you get used to it. You remember to bring a coffee and a book. The next step for me were small repairs which can be done at home. At first I had a knowledgeable person give me a hand. But I have learned to peer under the hood and use the owner’s manual as well as look it up online before hand. I’m still learning, but I feel a sense of accomplishment as well as lessening that feeling of helplessness when something needs fixing. I know I still have a long way to go, but I figure that I as long as I make that journey I will get there.

I thought to write this post weeks ago. Then began writing it last week, but was apprehensive to post it. I wondered if it was something I wanted to place in the public arena. It can come across as insignificant. But to me it’s also a personal thing,and perhaps has no place in public. But then I thought, why not. It’s just my pensive thoughts of how I, as an individual, have changed. I wonder if anyone else thinks back and sees how much they’ve changed.

6 thoughts on “The Little Things…

  1. It’s great to learn things like that, I’m pretty hopeless at practical things so well done!

    • I’m sorry it seems like you may be hopeless at these sort of things. Maybe it’s more like if you had to do it, you could. But if you don’t, and someone else can do it, then all the better. No worries, it’s just a little thing, right? I was sort of surprised when I realized a lot of people don’t drive or even owns a car. Something I think that is actually kind of cool, less pollution.

  2. My problem is that I tend to become WAY TOO restrospective, which isn’t always introspective. I’ve been learning to look forward rather than back lately.

    But yeah, I think the lines drawn between genders aren’t easy to cross, especially if you live in a community where the boundaries are constantly being enforced. My earliest childhood memories involve playing with the boys and catching dragonflies, which definitely isn’t a “girlish” thing to do. I struggled with this in middle school especially when girls would segregate themselves with pajama parties and rarely wanted to play outside. I still don’t drive, actually, but that’s just a misfortune that’s purely Liz rather than a woman thing. So, huge props from me to you, D!

    • That’s cool that you were a bit of a tomboy as a kid, but see how even something like that can sound like it’s reinforcing gender roles. I think that there are feminine tendencies, but I think we can be balanced, and think of ourselves as people.

      Girl, the whole not driving thing seems cool to me. I mean I wish I could live a life where I was not bound to a car. I feel like I’m its slave sometimes. It’s so expensive and it’s just one more thing to worry about. I moved a lot as a kid, so matter what I was always the odd one out, not to mention the whole race thing. If it was just a disparity of gender roles that would have made childhood a bit easier. That and some of the harder things that life can toss at you seemed to be handed to me as a child. Ah well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

  3. To be honest, I’m awful at lots of practical things. I can’t drive. Unless it involves an oven I really can’t cook (and by oven, I mean food at 200 degrees). And lots of other things I suck at.

    But I can make an origami dragon, so there’s that. And a unicorn.

    To be fair I’m really happy I can do those things.

    • I’ve been feeling a bit too practical lately. I just realized it a couple of weeks ago. I think I’m just a bit run down right now. So I guess it made me feel a bit sad. Which makes the less practical things you’re able to do truly fantastic.

      Driving is overrated, there are a lot of days that I wish I could just walk places or had access to decent public transportation. And knowing how to cook just means you end up doing a lot of cooking. Most days I don’t mind, but some days I just wish I could take a day off. A lot of times I end up making something that didn’t taste how I wanted it to taste, but how I felt, awful.

      I have been thinking a lot about the creative things I have done and think I am going to have to make some time to be a lot more creative. I’ve got a few personal projects I think I want to do.

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