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This week the season was supposed to change from Winter to Spring. I don’t know if that really happened. It rained a bit last weekend, and it’s been a mixed bag since then. Hot on some days and chilly on others. I think Southern California is confused, actually it’s been confusing all this year. Some days it was close to ninety others it was cold as all get out, and sporadically it rained. Normally it doesn’t rain here too often and it happens more in the wintertime than anything else. And tomorrow it is most likely going to rain again. I say all this in order to bring up the fact that I am confused, is it really spring?

I popped an allergy pill yesterday, so maybe it is. So just in case I’d like to be prepared. I have been thinking of pretty coral and pastel color.  I’ve also been in need of a bit of a pick-me-up, I’ve been feeling in a bit of a doldrum lately. It’s an unnatural state of being for me, so I scurried along to the Madewell site and began some retail browsing therapy.

How cute are these French made Benisimon. They sold out of the coral shade I had a crush on though.


I just love this semi-nude sort of skimmer.


Or a pop of yellow? It's a nice change for a pop of color.


There are other toys upon which I feasted my eyes, but I think it may get a bit boring for you. I wonder what everyone else does in order for a pick-me-up, for that matter to herald in Spring…

2 thoughts on “Springtime…

  1. Mixed bag weather and allergies? Yup, sounds like spring.

    I think only the ideal spring has flowers, green buds and birds singing all the time. Real life spring is mostly rain and temperatures that change so rapidly you can’t decide what the heck to wear.

    These shoes are so cute. I can actually look at them all day but I don’t know about your other readers. I love the way Madewell has them sort of flipping up in the air, looking even more delightful than they’d look if they were laid flat.

    • Normally in Southern California, we’re done with rain by now and it’s about seventy something. But the pollen drives me cuckoo. I think I am getting a little more tolerant of it, as last year it wasn’t so bad. But it’s so annoying to have to deal with any part of it. I think this year the weather has been really weird.

      That really is fun how they made it look like it was floating. I think fashion should be fun. I like when I can see the goods that way, presented in a fun way, but not obfuscating the actual product to manipulate us into buying it. You know with some super cute item that we would want, trying to put that cuteness on to product when there was none to begin with. I don’t know if you’ve ever been had by such a scheme. It’s cuteness by proximity. ‘Tis awful and quite disappointing.

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