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Rain Wind…


A visual of possible rain wind...

Today, as promised by the weather crowd, it rained. It rained so very hard, that it soaked my porch, but cement being resilient, it was dry after the rain let up. In addition to the rain there were howling winds at time, blustery rain-soaked day indeed. But as I’ve mentioned before, I kind of enjoy these days. They are cozy days to stay indoors and have a bowl of soup or bake something warm and comforting. I have some cookie dough I made last night, so perhaps a small batch with some mild cocoa is in order.

There is a mood about these sorts of days too. It is dark and mysterious, there can also be a bit of drama to it. One’s imagination can roam freely as the classic opening phrasing comes to mind, “it was a dark and stormy night.” Immediately I think something intriguing may occur. Writer Edward Bulwer-Lytton had no idea what he was started when he penned the phrase. But of course it came to me through Snoopy, and he’s what I think of first when I hear it.

But on to the invention of the phrase “Rain Wind”. It was a rainy gloomy day just like this last month. The sessions of rain came down sporadically interjected with spontaneous claps of thunder. A couple of my students needed to use the restroom, since my kids were elementary school age it was customary to accompany them. One of the students was young boy, a sweet little child with a boundless imagination. He came back out and we waited for the other child. He then climbed up an incline. A gust of wind blew his black hair, his eyes closed beneath his glasses. I watched as he proclaimed, “This is, this is what is called Rain Wind.” His tone was gentle but the words were spoken in a knowing manner. I understood exactly what he was saying, there was magic in the context of his statement.

Maybe it was the setting, perhaps it was his delivery, or maybe it was the stigma that it can be challenging for you to connect/communicate with him sometimes. Whatever the reason, it was as if sharing this thought with me held great significance, depth and power. There was a great value to that moment, even if it seemed small. Funny how the things that seems small can make a great impact.

6 thoughts on “Rain Wind…

  1. Waow. Your post is so…deep, so poetic. I love your kind of writing…and you’re so right. Those days are so comfortables, we take a book, a cup of tea, and rest all day long in the sofa…. Spleen days in fact…
    (sorry for my english, school is sooooo far away…. 🙂 )

  2. Thank you so much for saying that. I think your English is great, I can understand what you are saying. I’m glad what I was trying to say made sense too.

    The little moments in life are so special, I think a lot of times people forget that. I love a good book, a beautiful picture, a nice cup of tea or coffee. Time spent with oneself is so important for good mental health.

  3. The little things are the best things. Like a jumping spider idling on a window sill, and looking at you just make sure it can trust you, and a magpie hopping over the grass, in conversation with other magpies.

    Or when you get an origami fold just right, or find the write line for poem or such similar things.

    Oh, and I might have to use “rain wind” some time. I’ll give credit and all that.

    I’m feeling all happy right now. Thank you.

    • Oh your happiness brings me happiness, thank you so much for that. I really am in need of your lovely happiness right now.

      I do love your list of little things that are the best. Even the spider one, but to be honest mentally I make it look a little different.

      Feel free to use “rain wind”, I think it would make my little friend so happy. I wonder if you can use his first name, I am not sure what is appropriate with this situation since they’re kids.

  4. Danielle, so glad to come back to your blog. I miss your writing a lot. You know what they say, “the best things in life are free”. Especially little moments like these. xoxo P.S. You are a teacher now? Gawd, I need to do heaps of catching up!

    • Yay Tien, you’re back. I’ve got to pop over to your blog. I’ve been kind of sluggish to post myself. So many reasons why. I was teaching for a bit, it was a short term program, I was thinking about going into education, but I don’t think I want to teach full time.

      I think you’re right, and the little things are priceless. It will always be in my head.

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