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Yogurt In All Its Glory…

I think it’s funny how sometimes someone across the world without knowing it, can be on the same kick as you. My friend Tien has come back to the blogging world after a little hiatus. And her latest post touched upon a post that I was thinking of doing. Lately I’ve been into yogurt, my health quest continues. Well, Tien did something with yogurt that I haven’t tried yet. She baked with it, Soft Yoghurt Buns to be specific.

The things that I have been doing are not recipe specific. It really is about getting the process right (and it’s actually relatively simple) and adjusting the few ingredients to taste. I have been playing with both “regular” yogurt and Greek yogurt, which has a sharper bite to it as well as a very creamy texture. First I get a tub (I’m not sure if I am the only one who thinks it sounds sort of fun saying tub) of vanilla or plain yogurt. Then I either:

  1. Make a smoothie with it. I normally throw in whatever fruits (be they fresh or frozen, and you can freeze your fresh ones to make it extra chilly) I have that sounds like they would compliment each other. Yesterday I used a whole banana that I broke into pieces, a cup of strawberries, and about a cup of vanilla yogurt. I put in an extra teaspoon of sugar to taste. I’ve also put in juice to make it a bit looser in the past.
  2. Or I eat it plain (I’ve been using the Greek yogurt a lot of the time) with a fruit sauce. I like to take a frozen fruit and simmer it with a simple syrup. The last time I used about a half a cup of blueberries and simmered it with water and sugar. Usually a simple syrup is a one-to-one ratio, so if you put in half a cup of water you then add in half a cup of sugar. I used about an 1/8 of a cup of water and two teaspoons of sugar. I think the water may have been a bit more than sugar, since I didn’t want it to be a sugar bomb. For an accent I added a wee bit of vanilla extract, but I didn’t love it that much.  I’ve also done it with peaches, and that was super yum.

I know ice cream is sweeter/tastier, but low-fat yogurt has its own character and once you accept its tart tangy quality you can use it as a compliment to fruits or whatever else suits your palate. Some people use it as a substitute for sour cream, I have yet to try that. But I am looking for other ways to incorporate it into my “lifestyle” (I hate what the word diet has become, we make it sounds so mean and restrictive). There are so many health reasons to eat it regularly; healthy weight, maintain of digestive system, and a good source of calcium just to name a few. Plus when you blend in fruits, you up the fiber and vitamin count. All good stuff. Additional bonus, the smoothies are quite fulling. And now I’m going to go make one. Yum!!!