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This week I made a conscientious  effort to make time for myself. Initially I thought I could take a day just to spoil myself, I soon realized that was not possible. So I just decided to take my moments when I could, a little shopping here and there. At first it felt weird, some what uncomfortable, like I was forgetting something or needed to do something, perhaps there was also a tinge of guilt.  I then realized that even when I tried to relax, watch a movie or something that is supposed to take your mind off a situation I was still tense as if that little dark cloud named Filbert still hung over my head. This revelation came, much to my chagrin, and I pondered how I could not have seen it earlier.

I decided that I needed to remedy this situation as soon as I could, but was not sure how. I made a small list of things that I enjoy doing and decided to go back to them. When I perused the list, I realized they were all creative/artistic endeavors. First I ordered a set of new pens and got a small sketch pad, I have been doodling ever since. Then I began to read more, which made me start to jot down my thoughts. There are even pictures with chicken scratch written stories in the mix. Piece by piece I felt like I was regaining myself.

But the biggest moment was when I spent time with music. You see I have been looking forward to Kids on the Slope (坂道のアポロン) an anime directed by Shinichiro Watanabe and music provided by Yoko Kanno. My excitement for this project is due to the fact that they both worked on Cowboy Bebop, one of my all time favorite animes. The first episode is title Moanin’ after the song by Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers. After I watched it I had to play it, so I grabbed my Ipod and just had 9 minutes and 31 seconds of heaven. All the stress started to melt away, as the music filled my being. If you’re a jazz fan, I hope you’re familiar with it. If you’ve never heard it but are interested here it is:

Oh the auditory bliss was extraordinary. After listening to Moanin’ the album I had to listen to the album Somethin’ Else. From there I went to Cannonball Adderley and then to Dave Brubeck. I once heard someone explain that jazz happens when you play between the notes. Thinking this way allows for great artistic freedom. The time signatures for the songs were uncommon, lending to an interesting sound. I think the unique sound is what draws you in. The album Time Out is a quintessential classic.

What I couldn’t believe is that some wonderful person recorded the entire record and posted it. And it’s a record, with the pops and crackles. Man I wish I had a record player. Here it is and

The title of the record reminded me to take time out for myself. The tracks reminded me that I of a few key things:

Track 1 Blue Rondo À la Turk – remember to have fun.

Track 2 Strange Meadow Lark- remember to take a slow and meaningful glance at all the small things that are around you.

Track 3 Take Five – remember to take time to do nothing. Remember that while Brubeck was playing piano and Joe Morello was playing drums the rest of the band was not really playing, they were just enjoying the music till it was their time to join in.

Track 4 Three to Get Ready – remember to take your time getting ready. All too many times I find myself rushing through things and not enjoying life. Which makes me wonder if I am not enjoying it, then why am I doing it.

Track 5 Kathy’s Waltz – remember to dance. Even if you have no one to dance with, even if everyone is staring at you, when your are filled with the desire to dance I think it’s something you must obey. Or any other activity that helps you to express yourself.

Track 6 Everybody’s Jumpin’ – remember to move. Exercise is such a great way to release stress. Don’t discount the therapeutic value of a constitutional.

Track 7 Pick Up Sticks – remember to play. Age does not matter, you are never too old to play and have enjoy yourself.

That’s my list of things to remember. I hope everyone’s having a great day.

12 thoughts on “Time Out…

  1. Dude, I will email you this week. If I win the lottery, we’re going to some fantastic spa in an island paradise and not returning for at least three months!

    • That would be so great if you won. I’ve got my fingers crossed, a fantastic spa, I am melting just thinking about the bliss.

      I’ll wait for your e-mail my friend, my inbox is always open.

      • Sorry, dear. This week was so horrendously busy. I also didn’t have time to buy a lottery ticket but some day, some how, this spa trip will happen. 😉

      • I know you’ve got to be super busy now. It’s like you have three different lives going on right now. I remember we used to refer to the lottery as the county retirement plan. There was a pool, and I never joined in. They always used to laugh that I would be the only one left in the DA’s office, I wonder who’d run the police department.

        We’re going to have to figure out another way to make our spa trip happen for sure.

  2. I’m happy you could take some time for you. Maybe Filbert let you be a little more quiet this next time! Have a good week 🙂

  3. “Moanin'” had a pretty catchy beat!

  4. You have to make time for yourself or you’ll go crazy, good for you. I hope you feel better for it and shook off that dark cloud!

  5. It is true. Jazz solves everything. But really, tis great to see you feeling better.

    And yeah, everyone needs the quiet time. Time to get it all back together and keep on rolling. Really, just take as long as you need.

    Oh, and I’ll be replying to blog comments some time soon. Lately I’ve been getting them, and it’s both nice and scary.

    Anyhoo, keep listening jazz. And Explosions in the Sky. They’re good as well.

    • Jazz mends the soul, doesn’t it? Plus all my other fun activities that I do just for me.

      It is definitely time to make time for me, otherwise I just don’t think I would be good to anyone.

      I was wondering if the comments and popularity thing was a bit scary too. It would seem like it. I am glad so many folks are finding you and responding to your work, but I know the super shy part of you may be a bit put off or something.

      I love explosions in the sky…really do.

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