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Between Twilight and Dusk…

In our busy stress filled lives we often forget to notice the beautiful things in life. I am not sure why, but when we’re busy the beautiful things which occupy our lives become of no consequence and we are willing to just toss them aside. We spend all of our times doing the things we may not want to do, but have to do and completely neglect all the pleasure we could/should be experiencing. Why do we do this? Is “efficiency” so prized that beauty has no value when compared to it? Does money heal all the wounds of our past and prepare us for all the surprises that lay ahead? Can status circumvent principles and replace genuine relationships? My own personal answer to this set of questions is no.

I do think that life was meant to be a good experience. If I could be the voice for appreciation of beautiful things I would happily take that post. If I were to be a liaison for things of beauty, I would implore you to take notice of the relationship of the sun with our sky. How our day gracefully changes into night. As light slips away into the evening and the coolness of an evening chill kisses our waiting skin. The colors change from bright blue with trails of white strewn throughout to a series of gold as the sun begins to set. As the night transition continues you may notice under the bellies of each cloud you can see a bit of pink which may be so bold as to have ruby hues. When those vibrant colors have left you have the deep mystery of the darker hues of blue which toy with the idea of being black. Remember that black is not necessarily a color, but the intensity of all colors. To each night there is great depth and intensity. It has happened so many times within our lifetime that we take it for granted.

In case you missed those special moments between twilight and dusk tonight, here’s a little slide show. I took these pictures last week while in the parking lot of a shopping center, I had just hunted my prey and was met with the beauty of the sun setting as I walked to my car. It was for just a few minutes, but I was able to get a few pictures. I was tinkering with it on my iMac, the slide show I had has the track Natural Relax from Kenichiro Nishihara, which is the video below. I hope you all have a natural relax sort of evening.

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