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Things that make my heart smile…


Fingertips As A Display Of Emotion…

I have always been a lover of nail polish. It is an easy way to show your affection for a color by displaying them on your fingernails. Your choice often reflects how you are feeling, both about yourself and the things that are happening in your life. Sometimes I pick a cheery color for a bit of an emotional booster, much like color therapy. Lately I find myself of two “minds”. I long for cheery happy times, and find myself picking up perky bright colors.  But all too many times I tend to put down the happy little bottle only to pick up the more subdued color.  Such is my dilemma, I present a few choices that are just glaring at me whilst I type. Please note that there is a slew of other options grumbling in their respective containers.

For the record, this isn’t a nail polish review as I have not sat down and plotted out what the criteria for that would be. This is just an informal collage of some polishes accompanied by an ineffective blurb.

For the perky bright team…

It has felt like summer since May, and what scream summer in an all too enthusiastic voice but pops of color. Face Stockholm seems to contain mostly solid nail polish formulas with the errant dud. The top color is Top Ten from the J. Crew Face Stockholm set from last year. It’s an extremely bright pink, although it reads with a bit of red-orange tinge to its pinkness. The second from the top (left hand side) Face Stockholm color is called Bermuda Pink, it’s an extremely blue pink. Next to it is this Banana Republic color called Hint of Lilac, it’s the most lilac color that I have, and am not sure that I am going to keep it. I can’t remember what the other Banana Republic polish is called, as it is no longer in my possession. It looked a little too similar to Sally Hansen’s Mint Sorbet to keep. The middle polish on the bottom row is from the Tracy Reese collection for Sally Hansen, it’s called Temptation. I have a few colors that are close but not exactly the same. Deborah Lippmann’s Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun is a bit more orange, but both have the same wattage. And both apply very well. Lastly is the dud from Face Stockholm. It’s a called Arranciata, my guess from the Italian soda. It’s a pretty interesting color yellow-orange, bordering on lurid and neon-esque.  As difficult a time I am having describing it, I would say that the challenge/problem(s) of application is tenfold.  In short it’s a pain to apply, streaky and uneven. I have noticed it dries matte, which tends to compliment brights, but if I can’t get the application right why bother. I gave up after four coats. You can’t say I didn’t try. I may try again with a different base coat, the Orly just may not agree with the formula. In the mean time I am a woman agitated by this formula.

For the understated gal…

RGB Beach(left) and RGB T3 Nail Tint (right) 

I must confess, I can’t help myself, I am a nude-aholic. I naturally gravitate towards these natural colors, once in my little hands my eyes fixate on them (maybe even pop out) and I may even start muttering the word “precious”.’ Given my devotion to this type of color is it any doubt that when dipping my toe into a new brand I tend to go for a nude or two. I recently tried the eco-friendly line RGB and have found two of my new loves.  There is just something that is so subdued and perfect about each of these colors. The two above are Beach and T3 (which is a tint). Beach applies lovely with a base coat, after one coat it’s a nude and understated with slight visible nail line. I don’t mind my nail line showing at all, it makes me want to wear my starfish necklace and a beachy sweater.  Absolute summer sophistication. T3 is a bit sheer, but it is meant to be. It is darker than my skin tone, but I really liked the effect.

In the end…

The problem remains which one to use.  I normally split the difference with either a peppy pedicure and a subdued manicure or vice versa. Everyone wins, and the way I change polish allows for more happiness.



California Soul…

It is important to remember to permit yourself to enjoy life, even when things aren’t going quite right. I think allowing yourself to experience happiness is one of the things that can keep you sane.  Or at least this is my working theory.

Lately, when time permits, I have been popping out for a bit of shopping. I’ve noticed that my personal style has changed, perhaps evolved/devolved is a better word, over the years. I think I may have been a bit more formal in my youth, which may have been fueled by my desire to be a bonafide grown-up. Ironically as an adult I take pleasure in more playful attire. Which reminds me of Pablo Picasso’s admission that, “it took me four years to paint like Raphael, and a lifetime to paint like a child.” I think a part of me is embracing my inner child whilst dealing with all the things that adulthood brings. Somewhere there’s a balance I’m sure.

I find myself in search of soft summery frocks, loose and cottony, detailed with pintucks and lacy crotchet reminiscent of the ones I wore a wee child. But ones which  have more of a nod towards adult as opposed to the puerile and that which accommodate my all too adult feminine yet petite frame (physical conundrum). The search has not been easy. I have been stalking this H&M dress, but has yet to make it appearance in stores. I found another sort of Mexicali type dress and a few pretty little tops, but the hunt for the illusive dress still continues. Added to the wish list are pretty well made skirts. I may have to plug-in the sewing machine and give handcrafting a go again.

Aside from the heat, summer was a fun time because school was out. And thus I am preparing for and enjoying a bit of summer. I’ve got a couple more posts which celebrate summer in their own small girlish way. Right now I’m getting into Marlena Shaw’s California Soul.


Be Kind To Your Small Person Friends…

When one is under a great deal of stress, certain things tend to occur. First, whatever the stressful event is, it has a way of consuming most, if not all, of your thoughts. You end up spending most of your waking hours, and even some whilst slumbering, worrying about the situation. A lot of times you can’t really deal with it properly emotionally, personally I bottle up my emotions so I can try to deal with things and not worry anyone with how I feel. Undoubtably this tactic is limited and a poor choice in the long run, as inevitably emotions come leaking out unexpectedly, indirectly, and likely at the most inconvenient time. It also can have a negative effect on your health (example: blood pressure, weight fluctuation, overall mental well-being, etc.). Most likely because your healthy habits tend to go out the window, as you find that you do not have time for them. You also have the feeling that you can’t afford to spend too much time relaxing.

I find that living like that for any period time really isn’t living, but a lot of times you don’t realize what you’re doing. Because you’ll just see it as trying to take care of what needs to be done, but what you will also notice is that it is harder to do what you need to do overtime as you become exhausted mentally and physically. You don’t take into account or fully understand the compromise you’ve made, that you’ve completely neglected yourself as a person. However it is not till something reminds and maybe even shocks you into the realization that how you’ve been living the best. Last week I realized that I was not treating myself well, and the understanding was driven home when my Mom told me that I needed, “to be kind to myself.” It was something that she has said to me before. And each time I had overtaxed myself detrimentally.

After the shock of realizing that I had been indeed quite cruel to myself, I began to take stock and think of ways I could manage things better and start to be kind to myself.  I began by unscrewing the top off the bottle of my feelings. I calming and quietly addressed them, which was a relief/release. I tried to go back to making healthier meals more frequently. I then went on to practicing a bit of yoga and have been looking into practicing meditation. I am starting to feel a bit more like myself, and in return I’ve been able to be a more useful person. As this situation improves, fingers crossed, I’d like to be able to enjoy my life a bit more.

For some reason I feel that this Dr. Seuss song can be extended to my line of thinking. Because you’re a person, who’s a person after all…


Mercy, Mercy, Mercy…

I’ve been meaning to write a blurb of a post to declare that I have am still around, alive and kicking, if barely.  I have been dealing with a stressful personal situation this last month and have not had a chance to blog, the details of which I think it’s best not to go into. I have not had a chance to do much of anything really. I am hoping that all things will begin to improve soon, I remain, or at least try to remain optimistic.

But remaining optimistic in the face of any adversity seems like a challenge. There are times when you can feel exhausted, frustrated, and just depleted. Those times you just feel like crying miserably, but when you’re done crying you still have to get back to getting on with it. So during those moments when I feel like I am at a loss at what I can and should do, I tend to remember this song from Cannon Ball Adderly and the intro to it. The intro goes a little something like this:

You know sometimes we are not prepared for adversity. When it happens sometimes we’re caught short. We don’t know exactly how to handle it when it comes up. Sometimes we don’t know just what to do when adversity takes over.

And I have advice for all of us, I got it from my pianist Joe Zawinul who wrote this tune, and it sounds like what you’re supposed to say when you have that kind of problem it’s called mercy, mercy, mercy.

The song reminds me that sometimes things won’t lay the way I want it to, but I can only do my best and make peace with that. Hopefully, this too shall pass.