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Be Kind To Your Small Person Friends…


When one is under a great deal of stress, certain things tend to occur. First, whatever the stressful event is, it has a way of consuming most, if not all, of your thoughts. You end up spending most of your waking hours, and even some whilst slumbering, worrying about the situation. A lot of times you can’t really deal with it properly emotionally, personally I bottle up my emotions so I can try to deal with things and not worry anyone with how I feel. Undoubtably this tactic is limited and a poor choice in the long run, as inevitably emotions come leaking out unexpectedly, indirectly, and likely at the most inconvenient time. It also can have a negative effect on your health (example: blood pressure, weight fluctuation, overall mental well-being, etc.). Most likely because your healthy habits tend to go out the window, as you find that you do not have time for them. You also have the feeling that you can’t afford to spend too much time relaxing.

I find that living like that for any period time really isn’t living, but a lot of times you don’t realize what you’re doing. Because you’ll just see it as trying to take care of what needs to be done, but what you will also notice is that it is harder to do what you need to do overtime as you become exhausted mentally and physically. You don’t take into account or fully understand the compromise you’ve made, that you’ve completely neglected yourself as a person. However it is not till something reminds and maybe even shocks you into the realization that how you’ve been living the best. Last week I realized that I was not treating myself well, and the understanding was driven home when my Mom told me that I needed, “to be kind to myself.” It was something that she has said to me before. And each time I had overtaxed myself detrimentally.

After the shock of realizing that I had been indeed quite cruel to myself, I began to take stock and think of ways I could manage things better and start to be kind to myself.  I began by unscrewing the top off the bottle of my feelings. I calming and quietly addressed them, which was a relief/release. I tried to go back to making healthier meals more frequently. I then went on to practicing a bit of yoga and have been looking into practicing meditation. I am starting to feel a bit more like myself, and in return I’ve been able to be a more useful person. As this situation improves, fingers crossed, I’d like to be able to enjoy my life a bit more.

For some reason I feel that this Dr. Seuss song can be extended to my line of thinking. Because you’re a person, who’s a person after all…

6 thoughts on “Be Kind To Your Small Person Friends…

  1. Oh, dear D. Yes, be kind to yourself! You deserve it. I know what you mean, though. I’m also very much of a bottler by nature and eventually there’ll be an explosion of emotions long after the events that caused them have passed. Most people will have gotten over or forgotten the cause by then and I will have no one to cry with. I’ve realized over and over again that crying in the moment is just as healthy as laughing in the moment.

    I’m glad to hear that you had some time to take stock and that yoga and meditating helps. When I have the money and time, I’d like to resume piano lessons and take adult ballet. For now it’s a lot of long walks and listening to classical music on the radio.

    • I’m trying to Liz, things are starting to get a little bit better, so I try to make time for me. I try to get sleep where I can. And when I have the odd moment of peace, I try and do something good for myself. I just did my nails, and am thinking of a fun post to do right now. I even got a chance to do a bit of shopping, but it was a bust and the things I thought I liked, well not so much. I am going to return them this week. When I get a chance.

      Tears can be so cathartic. Just release all those pent up feelings can have such a cleansing effect. Sometimes yelling when you’re all alone, just to let go of all the frustration. I think there is a bit of healthiness to these sorts of actions.

      The yoga helps, when I can do it. It’s a fifteen minute routine I found that you do before sleeping. We are so alike, I wish we lived closer by because I would be with you on the adult ballet class. Dance always helps me to release pent up energy and feelings. It’s so much fun. I’m with you on softer music, classical is always a good bet. Time and money…someday right?

      • Ha! I used to do the yell thing but it takes too much energy without a face to yell at. Sometimes I’d grab some recycling materials to shred with my bare hands. 😉

        I’m not much of a dancer but I can definitely get into it with the right setting and company. I just need some physical activity in my life but not one that’s too committed which rules out team sports and not one that’s at the gym with all those machinery. A friend took adult ballet and said it was great. Oh, we’d have so much fun!! I’m really glad to hear things are looking up a bit. I said this on my blog in response to one of your comments but I’m going to send you a little care package in hopes of perking up one of those droopy days. It’s not going to be anything huge or fancy but hopefully something you can smile at.

      • That’s so sweet and awesome of you, just that you thought of me is giving me the happies. I have some things I’ve been saving up to send you too. I haven’t had a chance to, so the pile she grows. They’re just fun things, ya know.

        Oh that’s good, shredding sounds therapeutic…Liz do you think we have rage issues? I know I’ve been a little on edge lately, so every so often I feel like kicking a can or something.

        I just like to dance, it’s best when you just go with the music. I like to find ways to work out in my home. I don’t like exercising for exercising sake in public. I don’t think I’m comfortable with it. But taking a class to do something that I enjoy can be fun. It’s even better when you have a friend to go with you. It’s also fun to make new friends.

  2. Iwas watching The Immortals movie some months back and in that I came to know a very powerful quotation that is still resting in my mind and gives me energy,
    It was: “Its not just about living, its about living good.” so yeah.. : ) hard times do come but dont be so hard on urself n live good as this time will never come back : )

    • Pervisha I haven’t seen that immortals movie. Now I am curious and want to give it a look. It’s going to be on my list.

      I’m trying to find a little bit of joy here and there. It can be a bit of a challenge though, but I know the whole thing is slowly improving. Thanks for the reminder.

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