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California Soul…


It is important to remember to permit yourself to enjoy life, even when things aren’t going quite right. I think allowing yourself to experience happiness is one of the things that can keep you sane.  Or at least this is my working theory.

Lately, when time permits, I have been popping out for a bit of shopping. I’ve noticed that my personal style has changed, perhaps evolved/devolved is a better word, over the years. I think I may have been a bit more formal in my youth, which may have been fueled by my desire to be a bonafide grown-up. Ironically as an adult I take pleasure in more playful attire. Which reminds me of Pablo Picasso’s admission that, “it took me four years to paint like Raphael, and a lifetime to paint like a child.” I think a part of me is embracing my inner child whilst dealing with all the things that adulthood brings. Somewhere there’s a balance I’m sure.

I find myself in search of soft summery frocks, loose and cottony, detailed with pintucks and lacy crotchet reminiscent of the ones I wore a wee child. But ones which  have more of a nod towards adult as opposed to the puerile and that which accommodate my all too adult feminine yet petite frame (physical conundrum). The search has not been easy. I have been stalking this H&M dress, but has yet to make it appearance in stores. I found another sort of Mexicali type dress and a few pretty little tops, but the hunt for the illusive dress still continues. Added to the wish list are pretty well made skirts. I may have to plug-in the sewing machine and give handcrafting a go again.

Aside from the heat, summer was a fun time because school was out. And thus I am preparing for and enjoying a bit of summer. I’ve got a couple more posts which celebrate summer in their own small girlish way. Right now I’m getting into Marlena Shaw’s California Soul.

6 thoughts on “California Soul…

  1. I love to shop! Sounds like a good way to spend the summer 🙂

  2. Just want to say, major congratulations on the LA Kings. Awesome team, and a great achievement.

    And sorry I’ve been away lately. Actual origami paper is very fun.

    And to finish with, Go Kings! Yay!

    • Everyone was so excited, and there were no evil/violent mobs so it was really a good night overall. Pretty emotional for a lot of people, it felt like everyone was waiting with baited breath. I was so excited for us, a first, totally unbelievable. I feel sorry for Gretzky never getting the win, but still awesome.

      Origami is always awesome. I’ve got to stop by your blog, it’s been hard trying to be constant on everyone’s blog lately.

      And I say the same, Go Kings! Yay!

  3. “California Soul” was a good song. Really catchy!

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