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Destination: Recycling Bin…


Let’s face it we all have our little quirks→ idiosyncrasies→ compulsive behavior→ addictions (there was an evolutionary chain of thought going on there). In any event, one of my quirks is an extreme love of beauty products. A thing that seems to have started from a very young age, it’s one of my earliest memories, the desire to play with my Mommy’s lipstick, and remains one of the things that seems to take up an inordinate amount of my daydreams. This love-addiction can be trouble, both financially and spatially with regards to my bedroom, and in a more general sense the our ecosystem (just because the use of that much packaging can’t be good for environment).

My excessive acquisitions seem to come in waves, like many Americans I tend to buy things to cheer me up. Those things range from jewelry, clothes, make-up, electronics, and a variety of other toys (let’s face it junk) that I just don’t need. They give you a high for a moment but then the moments over and I was left wondering what I was thinking; thankfully there is such a thing as the return policy. So I made some changes in my life a few of years ago and analyzed my tendencies and thought about what I should do. One of the better ideas was to control my spending especially with beauty products, which wasn’t easy at first, but I’ve gotten pretty good at telling myself no. I give it a waiting period and then decide. The one caveat has been nail polish. I guess a girl can’t quit cold turkey. I have yet to actually finish a bottle, but still enjoy a varnish or two when a fit of weakness strikes.

The other good thing was that I built up the determination to mow through all that nonsense I bought. At first it was a bit of a pain to go through and figure out what to use first and not give in to the flippant desire to change to something else. I also changed a lot of my routine, my skin is so pampered now. It acts a bit fussy when I change, something that never used to happen before. And with the use of so many samples I have changed frequently.

My friend Liz encouraged me to post some of my empties, products that I’ve finished. I think it’s a great idea, it gives a person a sense of accomplishment, even if it may seem superficial to others. It also provides a bit of support to those trying to accomplish the same thing I think. I believe that one is supposed to describe the products and review a bit of what they liked and didn’t like. I’ll give it a go, but I don’t want to bore you with my rambling beauty thoughts. So I’ll try and keep it brief, try being the operative word…

Behold the things that are empty…

I think it’s best to do it in groups, so here goes:


Laneige is a Korean company so it may be hard to get a hold of. But I am going to say that the beauty industry in Korea is no joke. I loved the system completely and entirely. I used  the following:

  1. Power Essential Skin Refiner_EX
  2. Balancing Emulsion 1_EX
  3. Water Bank Essence _EX
  4. Water Bank Cream 1_EX

I got this as a sample in Korea Town, and the lady put numbers on it so I could tell what do, since I don’t read (or speak for that matter) Korean. The first one is a toner and the second one balances out  your skin after the toner. I don’t know why other countries don’t offer this sort of skin care duo, it’s so fantastic.


I had A Kiss of Honey and A Kiss of Smoothness. I love this, it’s really hydrating and great to put on before you fall asleep. A girl has to keep her lips nice and hydrated. The smell is not overpowering and it’s cheap. I love inexpensive things.


Using up the Guava Lip Butter is quite easy. I think I went through it in a matter of weeks. It’s almost completely clear and smells very yummy, but for the price it feels like you may be getting ripped off. It doesn’t tend to stay around for very long. I wonder if it was so yummy smelling I unknowingly nibbled it off. I have the mango and the pomegranate rolling around somewhere. I wasn’t so impressed, and to make matters worse they’ve increased the price. I like their products, but I don’t think I would force myself to repurchase it. Plus I’ve got a few other balms to make my way through.


Missha Strawberry Peel-off type mask. I am not certain what it did, but I did use it every other day. I think my skin really liked it, because it missed it when I didn’t do it. Like it would write it letters professing it’s love and asking when it’s going to come back sort of miss it, I kid I kid. But I don’t think that they’ve discontinued it :(.


Clarin’s Multi-Active Skin Renewal Serum. I really liked this one, but it is really expensive. However, a little bit is all it takes, which means it may be worth the price as it may last a while.

Grass Roots

Vitamin C Power Brightening Cream SPF 25, I really liked this one. It was a very good moisturizer, smelled fresh like citrus and has sun block. All good things, once I go through all my moisturizers I would consider repurchasing.


Clinique’s All About Eyes is alright. You get it in every free gift with purchase from Clinique. I can’t say anything bad about it, I don’t really have too much to say about it. It moisturizes the eye area…yup…no problems there…so…


Boscia Recharging Night Moisture, it’s the one on the right which I just realized is twisted to the side. It’s a nice little moisturizer. No complaints, I really like the pump.


Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer is a nice tinted moisturizer. If you can find a shade that blends in well and you have good skin then it’s a good alternative. In the summer it gave off this pinkish gray cast and if by chance you sweat it looks white and weird, so when the season is right it is a decent choice. My confession is that funky summer cast made me annoyed so I pumped out the last few squirts in anger. I wanted it out of my life, I think I was annoyed that I had to take it off and start my routine over again.


Fresh Soy Face Cream, I am not impressed with you. It was OK, but when my face was having a bout of sensitivity it ended up irritating it. So raspberries for that.


Chandelle Essence B.B. Cream, I bought this a while back at a Japanese market. I admit I was lured in by the fact that it was made in Japan. But when I got it home I found I had to mix it with other products to make it work. At some point this annoyed me again, and the mini hulk returned. I squeezed it out with rage into the garbage.

I think that’s all of them. I don’t think I succeeded in keeping it short. Oh well…sorry about that.


Things That Are Wizard…

From time to time ridiculous things that people have told me tends to bounce around in my head. One of the most ludicrous things was spat out by a 24-year-old boy (I call him a boy because of the way he chose to behave) when he uttered, “that’s before my time”. It was said to make anyone who was older than 24 feel past their expiration date. However it had a different effect on me, it lowered my opinion of him as a person. Perhaps it was said in jest, but it just made him look ignorant. I personally love things that predate me. As a teenager I loved music from the seventies and beyond. I often feel like people are so obsessed with creating something they think is new, when it really isn’t, and/or interesting, again many times missing the mark. When they bypass the foundation of something, that which gives us a leg to stand on.

So I’ve been thinking, if I could remind or in some cases introduce folks to something from our past that they might enjoy that would be a good thing, right? Hopefully I find something that you will find wizard…totally and entirely wizard. I think they’ll mostly be music posts, because that’s easier to present.

One of my favorite songs is from the Allman Brothers, Melissa, it’s has an interesting back story if you care to read. To me there is a very soulful quality to the song. I think that is something that helps make a song great, at least in my opinion. I hope you enjoy.


Wild Geese That Fly With The Moon on Their Wings….

…These are a few of my favorite things. A while back I heard the sweetest rendition of this song (My Favorite Things), which fittingly is one of my favorite things. Here is the album version that  kindly uploaded.

The song itself is a bit bittersweet. It reminds us that when we are having a difficult time that we need to remember the things we love. In that vein of thought I began reflecting on the things that I love, that I would call favorite. At first it took a bit of thinking, but once I began thinking about them they all came flooding in. The first idea was music. I love all sorts of music, but there is a special place in my heart for jazz. Maybe because it reminds me of my early childhood in New York or maybe because it is because of the relationship I have with it as an adult, I am not quite sure but I have an inkling that it has to do with both as well as other notes found throughout my experiences. I thought I would throw in the sublime Coltrane version, just for kicks. It’s thirteen minutes, but it is thirteen minutes listening to a gorgeous classic.

I’m sorry to have taken so long to finish this post, I had started this on July fourth, but have not had time to come back to it. I hope to be able to post more, it’s always an aspiration of mine, but sometimes time does not allow or I don’t have the will to do so. Many nights, when I think that I have completed all of the days, and nights for that matter, tasks I will release myself and crumple into my chair in hopes of keeping tyranny of exhaustion at bay so that I can enjoy the remainder of my evening. Sometimes I succeed, whilst other times I succumb and pass out for a nap. Most times the thought of writing passes through my head, but my fingers and mouse never seem to collaborate with the idea. But today was a good day, so here is to today.

I hope you are doing well, and will be stopping by to say hello…so HELLO!!!!


Happy Fourth of July!!!!

I know not everyone celebrates it, but it’s a good old American tradition. I’m looking forward to the steaks, ribs, my newly perfected potato salad (I used to hate potato salad till I tried incorporating some Japanese techniques), and corn on the cob. Man it’s all about the food for me, isn’t it. I guess I can’t help it, it’s how I hallmark things.

But I’m looking forward to some firecrackers, which are illegal in my city, but you can view so many displays from my house. I can see the Disney show. In fact I remember while I was going for my Masters, a couple of years ago, I had a final due on the Fourth of July. I know, right? Well, my internet connection kind of stunk and I had to drive to my office to upload the file. It was pretty nice to have the fireworks shows keep me company.

As today is a day for celebrating our country, and I know that a lot of people outside of the U.S. don’t share the sentiment (but the best part is that we’re free to think and feel however, so God bless America), I thought John Cougar Melloncamp’s Pink Houses is fitting.

FYI, I am not necessarily an overly patriotic person, but I do appreciate the freedom that we’ve been afforded. So wherever you are, I hope you have a lovely day.


RGB Fourth Of July Promo…

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Good time to try RGB, they’re pretty fantastic…

Let me know if you do and what you get!!!