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RGB Fourth Of July Promo…


Hey Polish Lovers, if you’re interested in trying out RGB Polishes here’s an offer. Buy three get one free with code the4th. There’s free shipping in the U.S. and Canada. Just click on the photo to shop.

Good time to try RGB, they’re pretty fantastic…

Let me know if you do and what you get!!!

2 thoughts on “RGB Fourth Of July Promo…

  1. Friend, this is mighty tempting but I shall have to resist. There’s a dark vampy shade of Chanel coming out in the fall that I might splurge for. I decided not to collect any other nail polishes now and just periodically pick up a nice designer bottle here and there as little treats. Did you pick up any of these RGBs?

    • See that’s good that you have a plan. You’ve been doing really good about saving and not going nuts on product.
      Actually I like RGB’s quality of formula better than Chanel and even Dior. I think when it’s a straight nail company then they focus is just nails, and it tends to be a good move a lot of times.
      I didn’t get to pick up anything, because I’m on a bit of a ban too. But would if I wasn’t….I hope you get the chance to try them sometime.

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