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Sunday Brunch, Paris Blues, and a Leisurely Manicure….


This Sunday I did my best to sleep in, albeit intermittently, and spend time being less than productive. My efforts were inconsistent, but the time I was allowed to muster to myself were like little treasures. I managed not to really cook, but ended up getting take out and using other cheating methods. And what little cooking I did do was very inconsequential for me. It may be small, but I call it a win.

I saw parts of the movie Paris Blues, but wasn’t allowed to see most of it. But as luck would have it some lovely person put it on Youtube.

It’s not necessarily the best movie ever, but it was a nice movie to watch and I managed to pamper myself by taking care of my bedraggled nails.

On the other hand, I was not in the mood for human contact at all it seems. I was a grumpy small animal when I was forced to leave my hovel. Ah well it’s dinner time and I have a lasagna to pop in the oven and some sausages to prepare. I hope I can spend some time tonight just relaxing again. One must live in hope…I hope your Sunday went just as you had hoped.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch, Paris Blues, and a Leisurely Manicure….

  1. I hope you got your down time! Movie, takeouts, manicure, lasagna and sausages sound awesome! Would love to have been there. ❤

  2. Your last post was posted long time ago D.! Hope all is good for you!

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