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Terrific Pig…


I wonder if anyone remembers Charlotte’s Web, it’s a book a lot of read as children, at least here in the U.S. It’s a bittersweet tale of the relationship between a pig which was the runt of the litter and an endearing spider. Now I have a phobia of spiders but I also have a soft spot for pigs, with their cute little curly tail(s). I have also heard that they were quite smart little animals. But this really was awesome. A piglet saves the life of a drowning kid (baby goat) whose foot was stuck in a pond at a petting zoo. Now it was really cool to see and I am glad this dufus captured and posted it, but all he did was calmly say “goat in the water.” Wouldn’t you go get help or help the little fella. Not just record it. Well that’s just my thinking, maybe someone else was getting help, who knows. At least the piglet was smart enough to do something.

10 thoughts on “Terrific Pig…

  1. That’s really cute / neat to see 🙂

  2. The pig made it look so effortless! I have a feeling that some animals are smarter than humans.

    • I know, he is my pig hero. It’s like he just knew what to do. I wonder if that little goat gets stuck there a lot and he thinks, “oh gotta get Larry out…then back to my dirt spot.”

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