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When I look back at the greater part of this year I believe that I can label it a stressful year. Stressful for personal reasons, you know the sort of reasons that you don’t look for but seem to find you. The sort of events that you can’t predict nor want to happen, but just have to nut up and handle. They just seem to happen and you handle them the best you can. Although I would say it is hard to maintain a positive and happy attitude. Since I’ve been in a sad little haze I thought it would be better not to pollute the virtual reality of others with my forlorn thoughts.

I’ve intended to write posts, really I have, but never seemed to have the heart to do it. In my spare time I found myself watching videos, as I was offered trials for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll and Blockbuster Video. I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed by all the content offered, and filled with the panic to try and watch as much possible to make a decision. I’ve come to the conclusion that too much video can be a bad thing, thus I don’t think I have the desire to continue my subscription to any of these services for now. Sadly another free trial was offered for Dramafever, when it rains it pours.

The other time killer was Angry Birds. My question is why are they so mad at the pigs. After a while I was pretty cheesed at the porcine green creatures too, as my failed attempts yielded smug smiles from these mocking cartoon piggies. I would become quite agitated after a while. I am not so sure it was effective as a stress reliever, probably more like a series stressful moments. After a few weeks I just had to lessen my game time. I tend not to play video games, but I think I can easily become addicted to such things.

Just looking at those piggies is making me feel antsy.

Both of these distractions were aided by my purchase of a Kindle Fire HD. Since I have a growing Amazon library it made sense to get buy it. It has not been without hiccups. I had to return the first one as it just stopped playing video, which was one of the reasons that I bought it. Then there was a problem with Youtube last week, which was fixed yesterday. But for the most part it has been a fun little toy, especially since I’ve started sideloading apps. I will probably end up getting an Ipod Touch or Ipad Mini or maybe even an Ipad in the future, as my Itune library is a good size too. But for now my desire for a new tech gadget has been satiated. I will say that the Ipad Mini did not take my breath away. I had really high expectations for it, but it seems like a stretched out Ipod Touch for thirty dollars more. I think the new Touch is neat, but over priced. Well I suppose we shall see what Black Friday holds deal wise.  Also I have to see if I will have funds for things that are quite unnecessary. I guess these are the decisions we have to make when we wear our big girl/boy pants. Sigh and sigh again…

10 thoughts on “Sigh…

  1. oh ya! black friday! yeah, the iPad mini doesn’t catch my attention much. The whole point of an ipad is more screen space yet apple finds it smart to shrink it more, I’ll never understand lol 😀

    • I actually like a small size. This fire hd is easy to take with you, but a little glitchy. I like the convenience, pops in my bag. But I think since I have a little one a larger one may be the right choice. Who knows…what else are you planning for black friday and cyber monday?

      • Unfortunately we don’t have black friday or cyber monday here 😦 so it’s just work 😦 how’s the battery life on those e-readers? I have a galaxy s3 now but wouldn’t mind the convenience and ease of one of those 🙂

      • I thought you had an iPad…or are you over the iPad. The Samsungs look good I think. The kindle fire hd isn’t an e-reader per se, it’s an entry level tablet I think. The battery is not so bad, you can get a couple of movies in, listen to music and still have a few hours left. I keep it charged up though, I just hate the idea of running out of juice at some inopportune time.
        That’s sad about you guys not having a black friday, you don’t have anything similar?

  2. I’m all about using TV/movies/games to escape life’s problems for hours. Angry Bird was my solace and revenge outlet for many months! DIE PIGS DIIIIIEEEEEE. Ahem.

    I’m glad to see you about and hope you score some awesome Black Friday deals. I thought of feeling guilty for breaking my no-buy, but honestly, I’m so justified in my little purchases. Let’s have some fun for a while, yeah? 🙂

    • I went a wee bit hog wild last month so I trying to hold it down right now. But with deal season almost upon us I will have to ask The Great Pumpkin to hold my hand and grant my wish that I don’t go spult and go on a shopping rampage. I think I will be OK, I just have to look at my sad little accounts and that sobers me up. Plus I have sooooo much stuff it’s not right girl. I’ve been good about holding off on cosmetics though. It’s the skincare that has got me all sketchy.
      Yeah those pigs are super evil.

  3. Hey Danny…it feels like centuries since we last “spoke”; I’ve been getting busier and busier – both with my blog and other projects I have going on, with my daughter (an 18 1/2 year old can chew up just as much of a mom’s time as a 2 year old…) and my regular duties here at home, and it occurred to me that we’ve lost touch; I thought I’d touch base and see how you’ve been – I gather from some of your cryptic statements here, that you seem to be a bit troubled and I just wanted to let you know that if you need a sounding board, I’m here — feel free to email me or whatever. Giant panda hugs, my friend! xx

    • I know, it feels like I have fallen off the face of the internet. I have been having a lot of family problems to deal with. I actually feel like this year is just getting worse, but I hope that all will improve soon. I sound like a broken record. I may email you, some days a girl just needs a shoulder to cry on. I do visit your blog when I can, and I don’t seem to get the opportunity often, it actually helped me to decide on the polish cameo…now I hope I get a chance to apply…

      • Well, whatever’s going on, feel free to email me and vent/cry/rant/rave as much as you wish; sometimes a problem shared is a problem halfway solved. Remember, at my age (49 and fast approaching 50 this summer) I’ve been through my share of woes. Happy to hear that you picked up Cameo, however, as it’s limited edition and so totally unique! Hope to hear from you soon…

      • OK, first of all your righteousness is just too fantastic, it makes me feel like growing up isn’t so bad. I would like to email you, and soon. I am so appreciative of you’d friendship, I don’t even k ow how to adequately say it.
        Wonderful Friends really do make your heart lighter.

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