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Dear Friends,

It’s been too long since I’ve had an opportunity to write and this is most likely to be a brief post, at least that is my intention. As you know it’s been a difficult year for me, as many calamities seem to keep cropping up. A great many of them family related issues. These problems have taken up all of my time, leaving very little time for sleep. But one must soldier on, and like a good soldier I abandoned all the things that provided me with glee to take care of that which was the most critical.

Right now, I’ve skulked away to jot down this quick post and hope that I will get moments like this again in the coming year. I rather hope that things will turn around and that I will be able to write better and more upbeat posts again (another issue was that I didn’t have much positive things to post, so I remained uninspired and postless). I also hope that I get a chance to visit all of my friends blogs. In fact I am hoping for a whole cart load of wonderful things. When I think about it, it’s the hope for these things that help provide the will to go on. What are we without hope? It’s quite a sad scenario if we give up our hopes, dreams, and wishes.

Reflecting on this past year, it has been a dark reminder that things may not turn out how I want them too, but I am always where I need to be. But I can still hold on to hope and try my best. And with this my friend, I send wish you a happy New Years!!! May all your wonderful wishes come true.

Love to you all,


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