A Happy Peach

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As For Me…

My Dear Lovely Friends,

I have missed you a great deal. But family problems are the main reason I have stayed away from blogging. Right now my time is not my own and I feel like I am running on empty every waking moment. This feeling of being drained even follows me into my slumber, so whatever little sleep I do get is not very restful. Basically I am a hot mess. Writing this sort of post feels wrong for at least two reasons:

  1. The beloved moniker of this blog is A HAPPY PEACH, not a miserable rotten peach.
  2. The reasons that have kept me away are personal and it feels so awkward to blog about the deep and personal parts of my life.  Now I don’t mind corresponding with friends via email, but actually posting it publicly feels oh so wrong.

But it’s funny how I think of my internet friends, I wonder from time to time what is going on with you and wish that I could somehow find times to read your wonderful blogs. Then I am quickly swept away from that warm moment back to my duties. 

I have found one bright spot, our family crisis has brought us closer together again. Bridging what havoc time and differences had brought upon us. I find myself longing to write, the only thing is that I am not sure what to write. Ideas come in quickly and depart at an even faster rate as I become distracted with the things I must do. (Note to self, must carry notebook). I hope for a change, but fear that I have little control over such things, all of these events echo the truth that we have little control over many things in life. All we can try to do is learn from our mistakes (as well as others), make the best of things right now while trying to lean towards a better path. I find that daydreams can be a useful tool when trying to maintain one’s sanity in a dire situation.

I hope to write again soon, but don’t want to jinx it (I think I’ve been considering luck a lot lately). I would like for it to be a better topic.

I hope everyone is well and will try my best to visit everyone’s virtual homestead.