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I Hope You Never Need This Info…

Dear Friends,

I have been trying to finish up this post for a while now.  But have found it hard to complete, perhaps due to its personal nature of this topic, and my reluctance to post overtly personal subjects. But I think that in a general way it can be of some assistance should anyone find themselves in a similar situation.  So here goes:

  1. Should you ever find yourself in a position where you or a loved one needs intensive medical care, know your rights. I am not sure how it is in other countries but in the U.S. (at least in California) you have certain the right to question the advice and choices being made for you. Not just the medical advice, but also if you feel you are not ready to be discharged, especially if you feel you are being forced out, you can file a hospital early discharge appeal, from that point till the decision is rendered you may continue to stay in the hospital. A nurse should never talk about money only about your care. This wasn’t our case, but I found myself talking to a lot of people about different things and thought it was an interesting tidbit
  2. I think it’s pretty well-known that healthcare here is not really affordable, and a lot of times it feels like a business they were running rather than caring for people. But if you can’t afford the ridiculous prices it doesn’t mean that you have to go off into a ditch and pass out in pain. It probably means you have to fill out forms. In fact there are signs all around medical facilities telling you this. You just have to know to ask, odds are if you think you need help  financially there is something that can be done to help you.
  3. These sort of things are extremely stressful by nature, not just for the people who are going through it but also their families. There isn’t anyway you can just sit back and relax, but do not just suffer in silence. Try to take care of yourself too, it’s very hard but it’s also very important. You cannot care for someone else if you yourself are not well. All too often caregivers go through a burnout which affects you mentally and physically.
  4. Talk to people, again it’s that whole suffering in silence thing. It is not healthy, talk to your friends, family, people of faith, whom ever is willing to listen and care. Support groups can get you in touch with people who are going through the same thing, I will say that there is nothing like the comfort of someone who has been there or is facing the same challenge as you, because they understand best. Let it out, it’s OK to cry, to have feelings, and to feel a bit weak.
  5. Try to remain hopeful and keep as positive an attitude as you can. I know situations can be dire, and I am not saying don’t prepare yourself for the worst, what I am saying is that you have to devote more of yourself to having as positive an outlook for each day. I know it’s hard, but each day with the people who you love is a gift. Tomorrow isn’t promised for anyone; let’s make the best out of each day.

Well that has been what’s on my mind. Maybe five should have been one, as it’s the most important in general. Or maybe the list builds up to the most important. That’s how it finally came out of my head. I do hope all of you are well and greatly loved, that those around you are well and appreciate you. And should any of you need to talk about things I am always here.

Hugs to you all,


P.S. This song from the original J.T. is a nice sentiment.