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Time For A Change…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA For too long I’ve had almost fixed dour look on my face. Which is completely unusual given my normally more ebullient nature. I have been trying to force myself into better spirits. I twist my situation around in hopes that I can find a version of things that I can be OK with, that somehow I can find a way to be happy. But I realize that in the back of my head I keep thinking that things can go back to the way things were, but I realize that is impossible. That in reality time is linear and we cannot go backwards, we can only try to make the best of things now and hopefully improved in the future. It’s one of those things that can be hard to accept, and when you don’t realize you are trying to go back to the past in some way, it’s even harder to move forward.

I know that I have wanted to write posts but not for one reason or another been successful. I have also seen two wonderful bloggers stop blogging this week. We all have our reasons. I am hoping that I can find time and content to blog about. So maybe some things will have to change, but change can be good, not an end but the start of something different.