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Less and less, and even less…

When we are small, our parents normally control the intake of things in our wee lives. We are allotted a certain amount of toys, candy, and other things of interest. But then you start getting bigger and gaining more and more independence and control. Until you are a supposed adult. You may have gone through some lean years in college, but you come out hoping to have a decent job and new found disposable income.

It can be a dangerous new thing to have in your life. Young and with a few extra bucks burning a hole in your pocket. Many of us buy things we don’t need, it can be a time of extravagance and, well, waste. As a grown woman I realize how ridiculous it was for me to accumulate so much junk. It gets to the point where you don’t own things, rather they own you. Things I didn’t use I had to store, which meant I had to find a way to put it away. Which mean purchasing storage (it’s a vicious cycle).

Last year I had finally had it with all the stuff, and perhaps it was a way for me to gain some control in my world. I found myself giving away those possessions. At first it was hard to decide to part with things. I started with the stuff I knew I really did not want. The things that irritated me every time I saw it. I gave things away little-by-little. The Veterans come by our neighborhood a few times a week, making it easy to have them stop by frequently. It seemed like they came to our house every week, but that may just be my imagination.

After I parted with the things I that I irked me I moved on to the things that I had purchased thinking it would be useful at some future date. I then thought am I still going to use it, and when will that be. If it was some far off intangible date then I sent it on it’s merry way. My thinking was that it was going to a home where someone might need it. The idea was spurred also by the fact that I had a brand new Sonicare Toothbrush (which was not cheap, but bought so long ago that I have no memory how much I payed for it) that died. It had never been used, and now it could never be used. This has also changed my buying habits.

It’s been a year and I am still going through my stash trying to weed out things to go to another home. I am not sure when I will be done, there is no set schedule but this has changed my thinking. I am transitioning to being less attached to things. Although there are some things that remain sentimental, such as things my Father gave me or things which have special meaning. Those things I can’t just discard.

This process has become cathartic for me. Each time made it ever more clear that I want less and I can do with less.