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My Dear Friends,

My lovely friend Andy has awarded me with the Versatile blogger award. He seems to get a lot of awards, and they are all well deserved. He has a fantastic blog, I feel it is unabashedly him. I love that he is brave enough to allow himself to be vulnerable and share with us his emotions. I think it’s something that is discouraged a lot of times. If only we were more accepting of our emotions and expressive of them I think we would all have more honest relationships. That was my long-winded way of saying thanks and paying tribute to Andy.

Onto the list of seven random facts about me. First, to know me is to know that my Spanish is not as it should be. I say should be as Spanish was the other language spoken, quite frequently, in my house. I can understand most of it, bearing in mind I have to sit there and translate it in my head into English, but I am too shy to try to speak it. The problem is the conjugation of verbs, my pronunciation is fine. So now you know my secret shame.

Second, I have favorite Spanish words. One of my favorites is llamativo. It literally translates to, “it calls to me.” According to Merriam-Webster it means flashy, showy, striking. I prefer to think of it as things that beckon my name. You know those things that are just so lovely that they draw you in.  It’s like some sort of tractor beam and you can’t help but go towards the object of your affection. And that’s how I use it, when describing something to my Mom and I can not explain why I love it I tend to say it has “llamativo” funnily enough there is always some sort of hand gesture that goes along with it. Incidentally that’s the third thing, that I talk emphatically with my hands.

I took this picture because, well because it called to me. My fourth random thing is that I am a glasses wearer. I don’t mind them, but I’m not in love with the fact that I need them sometimes. My fifth random thing is my  love for the color red. I really like it in all it’s forms. I am also glad that as a grown woman I can pull off red lipstick better than when I was a teenager. I looked like I was going to married off against my will when I wore it, a sad little thing that was perhaps traded for a goat. The synopsis makes me feel a bit sad and queasy.

Fifth random thing, when I’m a bit down I tend to put on make-up. I just play around and dab here and there. Sometimes I end up looking like a clown. Other times it comes out great. Most of the times I end up doing my nails. I can’t explain why, but playing with color just makes me happy.

Sixth random thing, I am not a fan or reading directions. I am more likely to just dive in when I have an idea of what is going on. I’m not above reading directions, just sometimes I like to play around and learn from my playing.

Seventh and final random thing, I like to collect cups and tea pots. I like the shape and colors. I love that someone took the time to create something beautiful with care.

The last step is to award the prize to 15 other bloggers. I think I’ve passed this on to many of you at one point in time or another. I am going to nominate all the bloggers who are reading this right now. I would love for you to accept the award and if you’d like do a post and comment below linking so others can see  your seven random facts about yourself that would be fantastic.

Thank you my friends!!!


Versatility and Creativity…

Every day seems to be a new challenge. It’s quite different from what I am used to but I think I am going to tap into my inner versatility and creativity. My dear friend Andy awarded me the Versatile Blogger and Kreative Blogger award last week. I am so sorry Andy it took me so long to acknowledge, but it has been something I wanted to post on, but didn’t seem to have the good spirit nor the opportunity to last week. Firstly, thank you so much for this/these awards, I believe it’s the first time I’ve received the Kreative Blogger Award.

Secondly, here are a couple of pictures of the awards, I think most of y’all have seen it before. But here we go just in case.





The next step is to list ten things about yourself. Now you know I want to make it a theme. So the theme this time is going to be ten soundtracks that I really enjoy. Ready…let’s start.


1. Singing in the Rain…every so often I like to go off into classical Hollywood musical. It’s totally unrealistic and why shouldn’t life have it’s unrealistic moments. No? It cheers me up when I feel a bit glum and I want to shake it. Plus I love the idea of a bit of California dew. And now I want to take up tap… 

2. An American in Paris…if you’re going to go with Gene Kelley classics you have to make mention of this movie. I think most people know the songs, but may not know where it’s from. Songs like “I Got Rhythm”,  “S’wonderful” and “Our Love is Here to Stay”.  But one of my favorites is the orchestral eponymous score, there’s a beautiful velvety quality to it. It gives the movie a dark romantic undertone. And now I need to pick up ballet slippers…

3. Chicago, now I am not talking about the movie, I’m thinking of the broadway version. First, we must pay respect to how physically demanding it is to one dance through your performance (intense muscle control) and two to sing and deliver lines at the same time.  All while keeping your energy up. It puts an endearing spin on prohibition and makes me want to sing.

4. I can’t help myself at this point. Cats reminds me of my childhood in New York. That show played forever on Broadway. My favorite part is the crescendo when Grizabella sings out “…Touch me, it’s so easy to leave me.” It’s one of those sounds I could never remove from my memory.

5. Last musical…Cabaret, I was thinking of A Chorus Line or perhaps Evita (I loved the Patti Lupone Mandy Patinkin version). But it’s Joel Grey, come on. It’s a bit queer but amusing in it’s own bizarre way. Every so often I find myself singing “…im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret.”

6. So what about non-musical selections you say. I am on the hunt for the soundtrack for Ascenseur pour l’échafaud. Miles Davis is one of my all time favorite and to me he is at  his smokey sultry best for this movie.

7. Garden State…it’s one of those soundtracks that I can just sit and listen to a few times. It’s so eclectic. Zach Braff did a great job picking out these songs. It’s like the perfect Saturday bike ride playlist.

8. The Big Chill…it’s just a great collection of music from the sixties.

9. Pretty in Pink…eighties classic.  I think just for Jon Cryer’s rendition of Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness.” And of course the Psych Furs. This was hard when I was thinking about “Say Anything”, “Sixteen Candles”, and “The Breakfast Club.”

10. This was hard, how do end this list when there are so many you know you’ve missed. Knowing this I then began to rue the moment I thought to do this list. So rip it off like a band-aid, I’m going to go with the “Kill Bill” soundtrack. It’s nutty selection of music.

Now to pass the awards on. I’m actually going to pass it on to just four:

I’m new to these blogs but I’ve been enjoying them for their own unique content.



Remember No Man Is A Failure Who Has Friends…

Dear Christie (aka CookieMomma),

Thanks so much for the Versatile Blogger Award nod.



A couple of weeks ago my new friend Christie gave me the good news of the Versatile Blogger Award nomination. As I have said before I really enjoy these blogs as they are a way for us to show our appreciation for each others blog and point out a few good reads for our friends, making our blogging friend circle even bigger. And when I think about it, one of the most enriching parts of the human experience can be friendship.

For those of you who know me, you know I love my lists. It may be my innate desire to organize things, I’m not overly fussy, but I do enjoy a good clearing up. Now I don’t want to be one of those women who needs to compartmentalize, but for the sake of this post it may appear that I am doing just that. You see, I like themes and todays theme as it correlates to the award is blog friends. I am going to list seven blogs that I’ve loved for the last year and seven blogs that I am just finding out about.

There are two main reasons that I love these blogs. First of all is the content, the quality of the posts are just wonderful. And secondly, the blog authors themselves are just wonderful people. I can truly say that they have enriched my life in their own fantastic and unique ways. Really, this post could have started out with, “How do I love thee, let me count the ways…” So here they are in very random order.

Seven Long Time Friends:

  • Beauty Reductionista – Liz is inspirational in her goal of minimizing her cosmetic inventory, a goal we both share. We can both laugh at our “dysfunction”, she honestly has such a wonderful sense of humor and I just love her writing which is mixed with personal stories that make me laugh. You know that sort of laugh where  you may start to snort or even worse milk comes out your nose. Yup, I took it there.
  • Ommorphia Beauty Bar – If you can imagine Liz and I in a room sitting and confessing our weakness to the beast of addiction named Beauty, the lovely composed blonde would be Eugenia. She would tell us etherial tales of her adventures in Sephora while Liz and I just stared at her lovely nails dreamily. She would show us lovely pictures and we would wonder if we should follow suit and hunt down the same glistening prey…dare we Liz, dare we?
  • Skyraft – I love his writing. I just love the journey he takes you on. He’s quite talented and I always feel like I am transported to a wonderful world when I read his work. Not to mention he’s just a great guy. It’s so cool to watch his work develop and all the success that he is having and undoubtedly all the future success he will have. I cheer for you my friend, I cheer for you a lot!!!!
  • Victoria-Writes – Victoria/Vicky/Vix is just such a fabulous person. She was one of the first people who I met through blogging. She’s a great gal and aspiring writer. And I am so proud of her, she’s taken her first step into personal branding, she’s got her own domain name. There will come a day when I can say I knew her when.
  • Tokyo Bling – If you hadn’t noticed I love pictures. Even though I haven’t really posted many, there was a camera situation which has been remedied recently. I also have a love of Japan and hope to visit it one day soon. In the mean time I get my fix through the lovely photographs on this site. The blog author is a very nice fella and his love of Japan comes through with every photo. It makes me feel like I am there, only to be slightly disappointed when I realize I’m still in Southern California.
  • Tipsy Lucy – Lucy has just the best life stories. I mean they’re so strange but in a funny way and I can completely understand where she’s coming from. They’re things that I can totally relate to and in all likelihood have had happen to me in some other shape or form. She makes me feel that there are other folks out there like me, wondering did that really just happen.
  • Khanum Says – Pervisha is an utterly honest gal from Pakistan. It has been really enlightening to see things from her perspective, especially as a U.S. citizen. When I think of how different our cultures are I marvel and think it’s so interesting. Fundamentally we all want the same things, but the way we experience it is what seems to separate us.  She and I have had spiritual discussions and all in a very friendly tone. We respect one another and while we value our beliefs, hearing and understanding another’s thoughts in no way diminishes our own beliefs. It can only add to the experience. I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience this friendship. Now, if only our governments could find a way to play nicely…

Seven New Friends:

  • My Story to You – I think I actually met Andy through Tokyo Bling. Andy has a beautiful and warm heart, and he is so open when sharing it with you. There is a sense of home, a sense of family when I read his blog. It may be because he shares so much of his family life or maybe because he posts consistently so you feel like a friend that will always be there for you.
  • Life of Materials – Fair warning it is in French, but that’s what Google Translator’s for. I just open it up in Google Chrome and the interweb does the rest for me (teehee interweb). Audrey posts on pretty items that she has accumulated, and what is not to love about that?
  • Cocktail Katy – Katy is actually Tipsy Lucy’s sister, so I met this fun gal through Lucy.
  • You Fancy Me Mad – B actually moved her site, wow, everyone is getting their own domain. Well, B is a fellow TV lover, I like a good TV program, not reality TV so much, but scripted well written and well acted programs.
  • Nobody Land – This blog is pretty new to me, but I find Koopa’s choice of topics interesting. It’s a personal blog, but there is something that a person who is a relative stranger can take away. That’s always a good thing.
  • Clutchez – I wonder if it’s a girl thing, that we just love our stuff and to see other stuff of other gals. Kelli Nicole ended up doing something that I was originally intending to do, which was post about my toys. But then I got caught up in other random things. But I still love to pop my head in and see her wonderful things.
  • Beauty Reflections– This is actually more of a stalking type relationship at this point. I’ve visited the site a few times without commenting. It’s the sort of thing where you want to say something, but you really don’t know what, so then you kind of just slink away to come back another day hoping to maybe have something useful to say….

While I was composing this list I started to realize that there are a lot of blogs I wanted to put up there, but then that would have taken me a week. As it stands I’ve been trying to finish this post on and off for a couple of days now. I know, what is wrong with me. Unfortunately I’ve been quite distracted, but distracted with a new wonderful project. I’m hoping to have all things handled so I can post regularly and take care of this project, all the time looking for the next project. Sometimes that’s how things pan out. I am going to try posting shorter posts, but the next topic is sort of long. Maybe I should break it down….ah well that’s another post entirely.

If you are not on the list, I assure you it’s an oversight, and I apologize.  I leave you my dear beautiful friends with the following moment in time.

Thanks for the wings!!!


Liebster Blog Award…

My wonderful friend Skyraftwanderer, to whom I thank very much for this honor, has been kind enough to award me with the Liebster Blog ♥. It’s the first time I’ve heard of this award, but it sounds really cool. As my friend mentioned in his post, liebster is German and translates to the English word dearest. The idea of holding a blog in the dearest regards sounds so wonderful to me. Now there are a few rules, but I think they are similar to most other blog award rules. The award is meant for up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 followers.

  1. Thank the donor and link back to their blog
  2. Publicize your top five picks for the award and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
  3. Post the award on your blog.
  4. Encourage the people who receive it to list their five favorites.

Pretty simple, right? So here is a list of five wonderful blogs (I am not sure they have under 200) and if you are not included, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you, because I do, I really do love you!!!

Sometimes the passing on of the awards is not high on the to-do list. That’s OK, I know what that is like. I am just coming down from Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday mania. It’s been a hectic stressful and oh good gravy emotional sort of weekend. And you know the emotional part had a lot of credit card action to it. Sigh…


Things To Make On Rainy Days…

Disclaimer: This is one long post….

My dearest friends, it’s lovely when we meet new and wonderful friends, isn’t it? I feel really lucky to have met some truly fantastic people through blogging. I think one of the ways we recognize each other’s blog is through our blogging awards. My new friend Andy(1076) has been so kind as to award me the Versatile Blogger Award. Now I know that I’ve received  this award from a couple of other lovely ladies before Liz and Tien, but such kindness is always welcomed. Part of the awards is that the recipient lists seven facts about themselves. Now, you know I like my themed lists, I’m sort of nutty that way. Well here comes another. It rained quite a bit on Sunday and I thought now there’s a good list. So here it is, seven things to make on rainy days.

7 Things To Make On Rainy Days

  1.  You wake up and the first thing you hear are the smallest of pitter patters on your window pane. Ah yes, the weatherman finally got it right and it is raining. Still a little groggy, maybe even in disbelief (in Southern California it rains so infrequently that it’s a big deal here, panic-stricken) you must brew yourself the elixir which will help your addled brain to function. Yes you have to make yourself a stiff cup of java, and if you can get some fresh roasted beans.
  2. If on this rainy day you find that you are not required to leave your house, you may want to think about making some muffins. Realistically I love to bake when it’s cold outside but for this example I thought of muffins. Why, because there is nothing so cheery in the morning as muffins. There are many different types of muffins, so why not try something new. I thought rather than blueberries make some of Nigella’s Chocolate Chip Muffins, although any muffins seems like a good muffin to me. I know Nigella’s a little nuts, but that is what I like about her. I like to look for those moments when makes those funny faces. Like she wants to tell you she’s crackers, but she’s trying to hold it in. Stop holding it in, we already know. 😀 
  3. As your day progresses maybe the downpour has your nerves may feel a bit frayed. To soothe frayed nerves there is nothing better than a relaxing cup of tea, at least in my opinion. I think I have mentioned a few (maybe more like several) times my love of tea. I’m hoping that you would be open to a nice cup of relaxation, maybe mint or chamomile, any cup that you may fancy.
  4. Wondering what to make for a healthy hearty lunch, perhaps something that isn’t fussy and does not require you to leave your house. I say either a soup or a stew is the way to go. I would search my pantry for veggies and raid my refrigerator for some meat and bones. It is important to have bones to flavor your broth, without it your stock would be so bland. You should also have on hand an onion and some garlic. Most homes would have the ingredients for a mirepoix, which is onions, celery and carrots. You saute these items (till they begin to become translucent) in butter or some olive oil. This becomes the base layer of your soup. Then add the water and bones as well as the garlic. Soups are the easiest things to make, all you are doing is adding flavors and layers. I love to add mushrooms or sometimes ginger, it depend on the type of soup I am going to make. Honestly the possibilities are endless. Seriously I could go on and on about soup… Here are two different versions of stew. Both look good. 
    And having to contend with the rain and making yourself some comfort stew you should perhaps have a little laugh. 
  5. Perhaps you were second guessing the weatherman, after all that is the only job you get paid to guess what may or may not happen, and made plans to go out. If you’ve been sidelined due to the droplets of water falling from the sky and need a new activity, perhaps crochet. I know it seems like a granny-esque thing to do, but it’s really fun, therapeutic and you end up with something you can use (maybe the first few items may look askew, but with practice you’ll be great). The best way to think of it is that crocheting and knitting are creating a series of knots, the crochet hook is probably easier to start with. One thing to remember is to take breaks, if you don’t you may end up with a claw for a hand and it can be hard on your nail. Teresa has some great tutorials on her blog and her youtube account.  
  6. Having made it through the day you think to yourself I need something super hearty to knock me out. Maybe something that will give you a good case of meat coma, you know when you’ve eaten so much meat that it knocks you straight out. I think a good heavy dinner with some sort of roasted meat (maybe beef, chicken or even pork) with some veggies will just do the trick. Hopefully you have something in your fridge or the rain has let up enough for you to run to the market. I like to brown the meat in my Le Creuset dutch oven, saute the onion slices, add celery slices add some baby carrots, mushrooms and chicken stock cover and pop in the oven. It’s a one pot happy meal. Another option is Eric Ripert suggestion for Christmas Dinner. I think pork is an overlooked meat and this is a great idea. 
  7. It’s right before you tuck yourself in, what you really need is a nice mug of cocoa with marshmallows. And it’s off to dreamland for you. Maybe it’s sprinkling and the sound of the rain can lull you to sleep. Nighty night my friend.

Wow, this is a long rainy day isn’t it? What would you suggest for a rainy day?