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Etsy Shops I LOVE!!!

I love supporting craftsman. So I love Etsy. Etsy gives craftsman the opportunity to share their goods with the world on their own terms. Here are some shops I’ve found to love that maybe you’d love too.


  • esdesigns has original designs inspired by nature. Elizabeth works in both gold and silver.
  • Colby June Jewelry has natural designs with a rustic feel. They use both silver and gold.
  • One Stone has original modern designs. Shane crafts gorgeous modern pieces in gold and also uses precious gems.
  • ChristineMighion uses precious stones and uses gold to cast an organic shape setting around gems.
  • nervoussystem is just amazing. All digitally fabricated and inspired by natural forms and settings.
  • melt’m design studio has fun sterling silver designs.
  • Untamed Menagerie these designs are so unique and fresh. They use stainless steel and are all too affordable. Fun, absolutely!!!!!
  • Olives and Pearls has quirky pieces, find the piece that softly speaks the quirk in you.

Leather Goods

  • Valhallabrooklyn leather like butter, if you are looking for a gorgeous, chic, yet easy bag, this is the shop for you.
  • Opelle fabulous leather, simple yet sophisticated design.
  • Ilemi Paris unique and quite expensive. I can only assume the quality is worth the price.
  • Chic Leather, well I am just a sucker for Paris, aren’t I. The bags made by this couple have a structured look, and designed for years of use. Look for an affordable essential here.

Home Goods

  • Whitney Smith has super cute handmade pottery. My favorite is the cupcake stand.

Other Accessory Goodness

  • Pavia Pavia looking to add a bit of fun, flare and pizazz to your outfit. Look no further. This girl has some awesome if not interesting options.
  • Oktak cute and fun coin purses, pouches and bags. Having them in your oh so sophisticated bag will put a smile on your face. I know it would mine.
  • Peppermint Designs, I don’t know if it’s because she’s got that London sensibility but I really just think this her little coin purses are adorable. But still chic. Can you be fun and chic?

I’m always looking for more fabulous shops. Let me know which Etsy shops you love!!!!

2 thoughts on “Etsy Shops I LOVE!!!

  1. I’m hoping to open an etsy shop in the next couple months! Framed home decor is my “thing.” I’ll have to swing by and let you know when I do! BTW… love the name of your blog 🙂

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